GVN Live - Episode 60 - Rape Day Game Horrors and EA shrugging off Haras...

Tonight on GVN Live, we have all kinds of topics.  We start off with small talk about Shenmue 3, Evo games line up and DOA6 not in Evo.  After that we start with the heavy topics of Rape Day applying for Steam and EA glossing over harassment claims of they Sims influencer.


GVN Live Episode 59 - THQ/8Chan and Microsoft wants to be the new Visa.

Tonight on GVN Live, Mark, Jan and Hubbs talk about where is Microsoft going with their new multi platform approach with Xbox Live.  Also, We try to figure out what the hell was going through the heads of the PR people at THQ Nordic.


GVN Mortal Kombat Adaptation Review

On today's GVN Adaptations Review, we tackle the popular Mortal Kombat movie by New Line Cinema.  Highly regarded as one of the best video game to film adaptations ever.  How well does this 25+ year old film hold up?


GVN Live - Episode 58 - 2/05/2019

On today's episode of GVN Live, we talk about the concept of the XBL service becoming available to all developers and the Epic Store discussion.


2018 GVN Live Awards

Starting off 2019 with a bang! Here is the 2018 GVN Live Awards.


GVN Live Season 4 Debut!

New year, new season, new intro. Season 4 of GVN Live debuts tuesday January 22nd.


GVN Live - Ep 56 - DOOM 25th Anniversary Retrospective

Tonight on the season 3 finale of GVN Live, we look at the juggernaut that is DOOM and it's lasting impact on the gaming industry, it's cultural significance and how it gave way to community support.


Street Fighter Alpha - GVN Videogame Adaptations

Today on Videogame Adaptations, Hubbs and Rolento13 review a movie based on the Street Fighter Alpha sub series.  Does the movie capture the excitement and feel of the popular franchise or does it miss the mark during the transition from the arcade monitor to the television?


GVN Live Episode 55 - Bethesda, Atari(Again) and Sony nixes E3 Plans.

Tonight on GVN Live: Episode 55, we talk about Bethesda dropping the ball big time with Vault 76, Sony leaving E3 and what that means for the tradeshow, and Atari's Smartwatch cancellation angers people for some reason.


GVN Live - Ep 54 - 11-13-2018

Tonight on GVN Live, Episode 54: Microsoft is buying everyone, Nintendo and Sony have emulation problems, and Blizzard is going mobile.  GVN Live is a biweekly talk show about various topics in the gaming industry.  The show consists of Hubbs, Janyce, and Mark B.