GVN Live 9-19-2016 A Blizzard is Coming

GVN Live 9-19-2016

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Hubbs and Keith are joined by Bryan Dawson and Rico Marrari. We ask Rico about the challenges of running a game store, we get to meet and learn about the career of Bryan, and we talk about the history and impact that Blizzard has on the gaming world.


GVN Live 9-05-2016

GVN Live 9-05-2016

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On today's episode, Hubbs, Emily, Keith and Mark talk about a whole assortment of things.  We talk about remastered/remades games, a live review of No Man's Sky and our main topic of Big Games, Big Promises, Big disappointments.


New stream show to debut soon. GVN Game Jam.

GVN Game Jam where I live stream a game and I have a guest on the stream with me as we talk about the game, some strategies, history, and even other gaming related stuff.  My guests will either join me live via skype or be in person with me.  I haven't determined a set day of the week to do this.  I was originally thinking on the opposite mondays of GVN Live but some people might not be available for that.  I am thinking maybe thursday nights and replacing my Retro night with this.  I'll have more info and a possible list of guests and games on the next update.


GVN Live 8-22-2016

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Episode Seven of the GVN Live Podcast - Join Fight Club Hubbs, Jemmillion and Mark B Writing as we talk with Chris Bahn of PVP Live. We talk about the FGC and eSports. Chris is also talks his job at PVP and his gaming journalism background.

GVN Live 8-22-2016 Summer Jam Blues