GVN Live Episode 89

On tonight's episode, Mark takes over hosting duties. The topics include Apple vs Epic Round 2, the Lab Zero shakedown and the transition to digital media presentation for the games industry.


GVN Live Episode 87 is lost to the world.

So I was recently attempting to transfer over episode 87 of GVN Live when I noticed it isn't on Twitch anymore. The whole episode was gone. Poof. Disappeared. No idea where it went. I held off on transferring Episode 88 to Yotube until I could figure out what happened. I never recieved any notices from Twitch in regards to the episode. So I will be posting Episode 88 very soon. Sorry folks.


GVN Live Episode 88

Tonight's episode is hosted by MPICreates. Tonight we talk about the force Facebook inegration with Oculous an Epic going up against Apple. I apologize for the video at some point it suddenly desync and the footage slowed down stretching out the video itself. 


GVN Live Episode 86

Today on GVN Live. We divulge into the issue of the Army/Navy chat room issue and recruitment scam.  We try speculate on what we hope see to see announced the the Xbox Showcase. Finally we go ham talking about and naming various video game ear worms that have been stuck in our heads forever.

GVN Live Episode 85

Today on GVN Live, we take a look at Atari opening up more pre-orders for the VCS, the FGC scandals aplenty, and we examine the Sega Astrocity arcade mini.


GVN Live Episode 84

Tonight on GVN Live, Episode 84:
-Jan talks about a giant problem that is sweeping the Vtuber community.
-We discuss Billy Mitchell and his high scores being restored in the Guinness Book of Records.
-We talk a bit about the PS5
-Mark goes in on the whole Microsoft and Mixer fiasco.


GVN Live Episode 83

Tonight on GVN Live, Hubbs, Mark, MPI and Lolirose engage in conversations about Bobby Kotick, Sega's announcement of the Gamegear Micro and Fog Gaming, and a brief overview of the Arcade scene.


GVN Live Episode 82

On Episode 82 of GVN Live we present a top ten list of our favorite MMORPGs.  We briefly discuss the Club Penguin private servers being shut down by Disney as well.


GVN Live - Episode 81

Our first episode in 2 months, so it's back to basic and getting caught up.  Today's discussion include the CeroBlast/LTG drama fiasco, the Alinity ban and Twitch regs, and Fallout Vault 76's latest mishap.


GVN Live! Episode 80

Tonight on GVN Live, we have a discussion about Reggie joining the board of directors at Gamestop. We then dive into the pandemic that is the Convid-19 virus and how its affecting the game industry. Finally we end the night talking about Mario cartoons on March 10th, Mario Day.