Game Masters Exhibition - Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PA

Here's a small slide show and review of my trip to the Game Masters Exhibit as it rolls through Philly.  Over 100 games to be played. Tons of Game developers highlighted and so much more.


GVN Live - Episode 48 Jeff Tarzia of SmashJT

Today on Episode 48 of GVN Live, Jeff Tarzia of SmashJT is out special guest. We interview and listen to Jeff's stories about being in the game industry as a tester to slowly becoming a full time Youtuber.  We also discuss at great lengths about Jeff's investigation about the Atari VCS and all that it entails up to this point. -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/thegvn


3 Vets & a n00b - Left 4 Dead 7-25-2018

On today's 3 Vets and a n00b, The crew attempt to finish the first campaign by finally beating the hospital and escaping.  What follows however is tons of pain and agony as the crew have a hard time fending off the zombies and constantly get overwhelmed.


GameJam - More Black Desert Online - 7-24-2018

Hubbs and lance are joined by two friends who make adventuring a little easier on them tonight.  They are also inching closer to level 50 and possibly endgame?


GVN Live Episode 47 - Momokun, ArenaNet and Dungeon Crawler RPGs

Tonight on GVN Live, Hubbs, Mark and Jan talk about the controversy surrounding Momokun and her behavior.  Also we tackle the issues with ArenaNet and their former employees. Finally we have a discussion about the niche genre of RPG Dungeon Crawlers.


GVN Live - Episode 46 - MMORPG TALK!

Tonight on GVN Live, Jan hosts as we jump into a fun heavy dicussion about the MMORPG genre. We talk about the history of the mmorpg genre, the evolution of pay to play subscriptions to freemium service, and list our favorite MMORPG games.


GameJam - BDO shenanigans 6-26-2018

Me and Lance are joined by our friend Skyla. We take on some cursed stone monster thingies. Then we take on some junk golems and stone spider thingies.  After that we fight robot monster thingies. Then we fight the mad scientist boss.


GVN GameJam - BDO - 6-19-2018

Hubbs and Lance continue their quest in BDO. Today they take on a troll invasion and smack some around as well. We also take on a couple of bosses and dispatched them rather easily. Then hubbs tries to find his horse.

GVN Live - Ep 45 - E3 2018 round up and Iconoclasts

Tonight on GVN Live Episode 45, Hubbs, Janyce and Mark B are joined once again by Bryan Dawson.  Tonight we cover and share our thoughts on today's videogame book club topic, Iconoclasts.  We also delve deep and pick on things that we didn't like about E3 2018 and highlight some of the thing that we did.


GameJam - MHW - 6-12-2018

Today Livingshadow and myself return to MHW to help a couple friends advance their HR by helping them beat a couple of early low rank missions.