GVN Live! - Atari and 3DO - 2-19-2018

On tonight's episode, Mark, Jan, Nick and myself talk about Atari begging for money. We also take a look back at the history of The 3DO Company.


GVN Live - DDLC & stuff - 2-5-2018

Welcome back to GVN Live. There is a small technical audio issue for the first few minutes. The audio is desynced but corrects itself eventually.  Tonight we talk about Monster Hunter World, the rumor of MS buying Vlave and/or EA, and a look at Doki Doki Literture Club.


The 2017 GVN Live Awards 1-19-2018

Here we are. The first GVN Live of 2018. We kick the year off with the 2017 Award Show where we celebrate all things gaming.  Who will walk away with our prestigious participation award? Watch and find out.


GVN Talking Points - Dashboard Themes 12-12-2017

On today's episode of Talking Points, I am joined by MarkBWriting once again as we talk about the freedom, or lack thereof, for customized themes for our consoles and handhelds.


GVN Talking Points - Rampage the Movie

I am FightClubHubbs and I am joined by MarkBWriting for today's GVN Talking Points. This is a new video series to keep the staff of GVN Live mentally active and talk about topics that we otherwise don't want to go stale during the bi-weekly schedule of GVN Live. Today we talk about the Rampage movie adaptation.


Lost Gems - Wizards and Warriors

After delaying this video for four years, I have finally completed it. Here is my small video talking about all 4 of the Wizards and Warriors games. What are my thoughts on the classic NES trilogy and one off Gameboy title?


GVN Live! 10-16-2017 - IGN and Games are Hard

On today's show we talk about IGN and their recent acquisition of Humble Bundle and what that means for both companies. We also delve into the topic of Hard Games and if it's just a problem with this generation.


GVN Live - 10-2-2017 - Let's make a movie!

Tonight on GVN Live we talk about the trailer of the new Tomb Raider movie and give our thoughts about it. We also experiment with trying to make our own movie and we try to make one based on Metroid.


GameJam - Golden Axe Warrior - Zelda Clone Month

On the last episode of Zelda Clone month, I play through the biggest Zelda clone being Sega's Golden Axe Warrior. The Master System's control pad is garbage and made for the session to be rather tedious throughout.


GameJam - Beyond Oasis/Legend of Oasis

I am joined by The Gamer Keith as we once again dual stream two games. Today Keith will be playing Beyond Oasis for the Genesis and I will tackle Legend of Oasis for the Saturn.