Two new tournament announcements!

Links to the next Grand Master Monthly and GVN Winter Brawl 4 have been posted. Information for the winter Brawl will be updated later this week.


Whats coming up on GVN.

I have decided to take a break for the rest of the year. That includes the lost gems videos as well. I will have a new one in January on the Super Nintendo Classic 7th Saga. I also plan to recreate the previous lost gems into videos as well titling them as Lost Gems Revisited.

Now thanks to Eric, the date(Feb 27th) for the next GVN Winter Brawl is out. GVN WB 4 will be held once again at the beautiful Sheraton Suites Hotel in Philadelphia, Pa. I will post all information regarding this tournament as well as the January Grand Master Monthly within the next couple of weeks.


NEC X made history!

The dust has settled. After a rough start NEC got underway and finished strong. Attendence went over 650+ people. I want to thank Eric for bring me onboard this amazing event, the Frame Advantage.com people for live streaming the action in the main room and all the players who drove, flew or took teh bus to get here. You are all amazing.

Here is the link to the SRK results page.

NEC X Results


NEC is only days away.

NEC is about to go down this weekend. Remember to chek back here for live streaming from the Main room, the tekken room(where GVN will be streaming) and money matchs/side tournament room.