The votes are in. Star Trek Month begins next week.

After a good vote during the last GVN Soul Saturday stream plus combined votes from Facebook, here are the top 4 voted games.

Star Trek - NES
Star Fleet Academy
Star Trek Armada*
Star Trek 25th Anniversary

* Edit * Because of graphical issues, I had to swap out Armada with another game. I can't properly review a 10+ year old game if it's barely playable on modern PCs.

The review and stream schedule will go as follows:

Star Trek 25th Anniversary (PC) - Review Feb 4th / Live Stream Feb 5th

Star Fleet Academy (32X) - Review Feb 11th / Live Stream Feb 12th

Star Trek TNG (Sega Genesis) - Review Feb 18th / Live Stream Feb 19th

Star Trek (NES) - Review Feb 25th / Live Stream Feb 26th

Thank you for the votes and I can't wait to relive these wonderful games.


February is Star Trek Month!!!

I declare February to be Star Trek Gaming month. As a poll, I will list a bunch of star trek games I own or played and the top 4 voted games I will cover(1 per week). I'll also live stream some star trek games on thursday nights. Here are the list of games.

Star Trek - NES
Star Trek 25th Anniversary - PC
Star Trek TNG - Genesis 
Star Trek DS9 - Genesis
Star Trek Star Fleet Academy - 32X
Star Trek TNG Final Unity - PC
Star Trek Armada - PC
Star Trek Online - PC


Preview: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

The release date for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has been announced.  February 13th, 2015 will be here before we know it but how do you know if you will like the newest addition in the Monster Hunter franchise.  Well I have a preview that may help make a decision on trying out this new Monster Hunter game.  As of yesterday Jan. 15th, Nintendo has been sending out demo codes for the newest game in the Monster Hunter series.  The game is Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and after playing the demo the game is pretty amazing.


Happy New Year and a new episode of GVN Radio!!!

GVN Radio kicks off the new year with a brand new episode.  Hear what Hubbs, Mark, Andrew and Anthony have to say about 2014 and what they expect in 2015.

Download Episode 46