Super Street Fighter 4 Launch Day Tournament

I want to thank GamerDoc for letting us hold another tournament at their fine store. And thanks to everyone that made it out and participated in the event.

1: Dr. Chaos ($78.40 + SSF4 TE Stick)
2: Josh Wong ($22.40)
3: Julian ($11.20)
4: Bryheem
5: Comeback
5: Philly One
7: Ron
7: Kattermari
9: Henry
9: Damian
9: Hubbs
9: Eric Stewart
13: Eric Small
13: Fran
13: Boog
13: Santana
17: Jeff GDoc
17: Matt GDoc
17: Dez


Phantasy Star - GVN Retro Playback begins!

Watch live video from Gaming Vision Network on Justin.tv

Retro Playback begins tonight!

That's right I have finally decided to start the GVN Retro Playback. The first game on my list is the classic Sega Master System title Phantasy Star. My save file on the cartridge is still intact and I am ready to play.

So join me tonight at 10pm EST at the Official GVN Justin.tv page for some good ol fashion fun.