24 Hour Dreamcast-a-thon!

Watch live video from fightclubhubbs's channel on Justin.tv

Yep some people over at www.ihaveadreamcast.com just completed their 24 hour session last night and braodcasted it on justin.tv. Now I will do the same. Some friends of mine will come over and we will game for 24 hours, DC only, Feb 4th. Starting at 12am to 12am.

I created a channel at justin.tv, so be sure to watch our attempt at idiocy for the love of gaming.


Games to be included:

Crazy Taxi 2
Star Wars Jedi Power Battles
Star Wars Ep 1 Pod Racing
Bomberman Online
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing 2
Record of Lodoss War
4 Wheel Thunder
Marvel vs Capcom 2
House of the Dead 2
Half-life(Leaked Beta)
ChuChu Rocket
Mars Matrix
Red Dog
Quake 3 Arena
Worms World Party
Bust-a-Move 4
Dave Mirra BMX
FraneGride (JPN)
Evil Twin (EU)
Cosmic Smash (JPN)
Sonic Adventure 2
Dead Or Alive 2
Powerstone 2
Typing of the Dead
Jet Set Radio

We will attempt at least 1 game an hour with no set schedule. For now.



Aside from the upcoming GVN a bit of side news!

After lurking in the GameInformer forums like I usually do, I found a link to a website where a man will attempt a 24hour Dreamcast-a-thon. Sadly I will miss the first most of it, but this will be very interesting.

Check out ihaveadreamcast.com It is supposed to start at 12:01am Monday Jan 19th.