GVN Radio returns! Episode 34 is live!

Hubbs returns to his hosting duties and is joined by Mark B and Aaron Sirois of Diehard Gamefan and Jason Axelrod of 8wayrun. In this podcast we talk about what we've been playing lately, the PAX harassment issue, and if JRPG's can survive in this day and age.

*Warning - contains explicit language*

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GVN Review: Tomb Raider (PC)


As one might have expected from me, I was extremely pumped as well as apprehensive to play the new Tomb Raider reboot.  After voicing my thoughts on the franchise along with some friends in a documentary styled video mini-series, I was not shy in mentioning my concerns about the reboot.  My fear of the game being nothing more than a torture porn fest as we watch Lara Croft getting beaten and battered as she learns to survive in a brand new origin story was something I was truly concerned with.  Thankfully throughout the game that wasn't the case although Lara still does get quite roughed up throughout her journey.  So how well did the new Tomb Raider go about giving birth to a new Lara Croft?


GVN Review: Atelier Ayesha - The Alchemist of Dusk (PS3)

Atelier Ayesha is the second game in the fabled franchise I have played. My first being the unexpectedly good Atelier Meruru.  Atelier Ayesha is now the 14th console release of the long running series and begins a brand new adventure following the heroic fumbling's of our protagonist, Ayesha Altugle.  It is unsure if Ayesha is the beginnings of another trilogy but with the way the series has been going you can bet your money it is.  So what remains to be seen however is if Atelier Ayesha is worthy of living up to the name of the franchise.


Tomb Raider Fan Documentary Part 3

Here it is. The final episode of the tomb raider collaboration fanmade documentary.  Enjoy.  The New Tomb Raider is only days away from release.