End of August Update!

Summer Jam 6 has come and gone and the fall season is upon us. Lots of high profile games are about to come down on us like a Zerg Rush. I've got a review in progress fo the highly anticipated Guild Wars 2 and coming out in Septmember are two high profile 3D fighters, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Dead Or Alive 5. Keep your eyes peel at GVN for more content updates.


GVN Radio Episode 30!

Here ya go. I was waiting to post this because Twitch.tv was having issues with their new Facebook sharing button. It's all fixed now so here ya go. Enjoy.
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In regards to the mp3 version of GVN Radio Episode 29

Well, if you watched the video you will have undoubtibly noticed that GameSack's mic was cutting in and out and as a result we will not be releasing an mp3 of the podcast. I am terribly sorry about the inconvience.


GVN Radio Episode 29 with GameSack

In case you missed last night's awesome episode featuring our special guests, GameSack, well here it is. No Excuses!
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