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GVN is in the middle of a big project and its going to take some time. We are currently in the middle of setting up and conducting a survey for parents. The survey will be centered around kids, games and violence.


GVN Podcast episode 3

In today's episode of GVN, we talk all about the wii. We get our Wii on. We talk about Wii! Download today's episode below.

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Alex Verrey Interview part 2

Thats right, we brought back Alex for a second round on questions. Including his recent trip to Leipzeg, thoughts about the PS3, the xbox 360, and the Wii.

Robert: So how have you been Alex since we last chatted? How was your trip to the Leipzeg Convention?

Alex: Hi Robert, I’m well thank you. Busy, but well. Leipzig was exhausting but encouraging from a business and entertainment standpoint. I was a Leipzig virgin so it was high time I jumped in. Good show and bigger than I was expecting though with a strange almost sedate lack of ‘buzz’ in the air. Kinda’ like E3 on Prozac…

Robert: Out of all the Gaming related conventions, Leipzeg is the one I am least familiar with. Could you explain what went on there during your visit and what makes it different then all the other conventions?


1 year today and still going...

On September 2, 2005, Karl and I ressurected Gamning Vision from the netherworld. And Since then we have had our ups and downs. Our biggest accomplishments would include interviews with Bethesda, THQ and Ken Chan of Acclaim. So here's to our first successful year at GVN and hopefully many more to come.

On and we have a couple of things you might notice. One, we now have an archive on the sidebar for our podcasts. Two, we have a new poll up and running.