Game Rant: Ar Nosurge

Potential Spoilers, you have been warned.

I have been a massive fan of the Ar series since I first found out about it back around 2009-2010. Epic music, well investigated characters, and well executed story have kept me coming back ever since.


DHGF Review: Project Spark (Xbox One)

Project Spark
Microsoft Xbox One

"Project Spark is an incredibly ambitious idea that Microsoft released. It’s one part game creation studio, one part online community project and a little bit of a game here. The one thing that is heavily push is the idea of creating worlds that you share with friends and other people around the world. It’s bold move for Microsoft especially after they just bought the Mojang games, makers of the insanely popular Minecraft. However does this concept of one part game creation studio and other part interactive game translate well? To be honest my feelings regarding Project Spark are mixed"