Ethics Economics

Have you ever read a review that you really didn't agree with? How about a cover story that seemed completely unnecessary and overloaded with praise for features that seemed... lacking? Has a magazine and/or website ever seemed biased towards a specific group or console? Most of the time this results from a difference in opinion; different gamers breed different tastes, after all. Nine times out of ten, when someone accuses a publication of unjustified bias, it's based on false presumptions.

But, one time out of ten, they're absolutely right.

Ethics Economics
By: Karl Castaneda

When David Jaffe, of Sony - Santa Monica fame, accused game journalism of being lackluster this past November, I was with him 50%. On one hand, he's definitely right that game journalism doesn't have a Rolling Stone (or even an Entertainment Weekly, to be quite honest). But there's a reason for it: the game industry is too closed off to allow the full coverage you get from the aforementioned two magazines. So you see, the media is stuck between a rock and a hard place: they want great coverage, but they're limited only to what publishers want consumers to know.


Are Games Art?

Are Games Art?

An Editorial By Karl Castaneda


What is art? Is it a panting, a symphony, or an emotional roller-coaster of a movie? Can art be interactive? And if it can, where is the line drawn that separates masterpieces from dregs? These are questions that pretentious, elitist, and self-proclaimed "artists" pose on a daily basis to their contemporaries. In every medium, its respective patrons seek to prove that their pastime is the pinnacle of human achievement - that their vision is "art." And as such, gamers have been trying to show the general public for some time that their hobby is worthy of the title.

Can a Game Make You Cry?

Yeah, but so can slicing an onion. It's odd that the emotional output needed to qualify as "art" is usually tied to sadness. Thus, when people give examples of interactive entertainment as art, they cite the death of Aeris (or Aerith, if you want to get hardcore on everyone's asses) - they cite ICO, they bring up Link's Awakening.


Lost Gems part 2: Beyond Oasis

Ah yes. Now here is a game that has been lost in history. Beyond Oasis was Sega's top down action rpg that was in the same vein as The legend of Zelda franchise. Except Beyond Oasis was able to stand up the the Zelda franchise in many ways. In fact in many ways I like Beyond Oasis a lot more than Zelda: A link to the Past.

Beyond was about a boy who went on an excavation and found a lost golden armlet. When he put it on a ghost of the former wearer appeared before him and told him that an evil man has found the silver armlet and is doing evil things. Thus your quest begins. Kind of linear is your ask me. The game doesn't hold you hand though like most action RPG's have done in the past. But even if you are lost and can't figure out where to go ther is a map available to you that shows a flag of where your destination is.


Weekend Update With Karl Castaneda

Howdy guys; I just thought I'd take the time to make a few notes about upcoming stuff and where' I've been since Sin & Redemption 3.

First off, S&R will be taking a little break. It will be continued (and finished), but I'm taking some time off so that when I go back, it'll feel fresh and not forced like Part 3 was. It's a feature that I'd like to be my best yet, so when it all comes together, I want every piece to stand out on its own as something worth reading. If I make myself write, it'll be average, and average is definitely not what Gaming Vision is about. In the meantime, you'll be seeing other stuff from me.

Robert and I are looking into new ventures to stir up some revenue for the blog, which of course, means better reading oppurtunities for you guys. I don't want to say anything yet (because it's all liable to change pending certain requirements), but if we can hack it, GV will be infinitely better than its current state. Wish us luck!

Also, I'd like to announce that I finally got myself a DS. I bought the $150 Mario Kart Bundle, and I'm very happy with it. In addition to the stellar MK (if you've got a DS, buy it; if you don't have a DS, start saving), I've got Sonic Rush (classic good Sonic with great level design; buy it), Meteos (a good puzzler, but in the end, it's not a must-buy), and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (my second favorite DS game, right behind Mario Kart; a must-purcahse). I'm definitely happy with the brand new addition to my gaming family. My Zelda SP is still a dear, dear console, but I'm afraid it'll only be used for GB games from now on; GBA and up goes on the Dual Screen, all the way 100%.

Finally, what Robert said in the post before about my trying to get a Bethesda interview lined up is absolutely true and I'm very excited by it. I have a feeling I'm going to have to weasle my way in, but whatever it takes, we're talking Elder Scrolls, mofo.

Take it easy, everybody, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!



Holiday Break is over. Hello 2006!

I'm back and ready to kick some booty. I am working on getting a new interview for the site. Karl is hard at work trying to get ahold of Bethesda Softworks for an interview and I am looking to get one some other places.

I would also like to talk about some games that I got for chrismas break. First would be Need For Speed Most Wanted. This game is simply amazing. NFSMW has some insanely stunning graphics and the gameplay is killer. I rejoiced at the reinsertion of the cop chasing action and the customizing your car is always fun.

Next is Worms 4. The worms franchise has been around a long time and Worms 4 is the pinnacle of the franchise if you ask me. The graphics, collision detection, and fun have been improved from Worms 3D. New to the game is the addition of editing the appearance of each worm by selecting from a variety of hats, facial hair, glasses and gloves. And the game has quite a bit of unlockable content as well.

The final game I wish to talk about is DOA4. Finally Team Ninja released this game and I... I... can't get enough of it. I simply love it. I loved DOA3 and DOAU but this game is by far the best of the series. Team Ninja upped the difficulty of the single player game, added lobbies for people to gather and chat, tons of unlockable content and hours upon hours of pure hardcore kick-that-guy's-a$$ gaming.

Oh! I completely forgot I bought Mario and Luigi partners in time for the DS. I haven't gotten to far into the game but its quite amusing. I enjoyed the first Mario and Luigi game on the GBA. Of course this game is going to be a blast.

Anyway, thats all I have for now so peace out and enjoy the new year!