GameJam Super Return of the Jedi w/ Gamer Keith 12-14-2016

Hubbs and Keith celebrate the final GVN Gamejam and the release of Rogue One by playing Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. We suck.


The GVN Live Awards Ceremony 12-12-2016

The final show of the year. We end the year with a bang. Presenting the GVN Live Awards with 4 Game of The Year Honors and 16 Gaming Categories. -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/thegvn


Another year in the books.

So the final episode of GVN Live and GameJam is upon us and I finished the last GVN Online DOA tournament last night. The last tournament went off with a bang with some amazing matches between some great competitors. Congrats are in order to DOA vet, Blackurry Chaos. Here's looking to 2017 as a year with some more great online tournaments in the works. I will most definitely post more info about those here next time.


GVN Live - 11-28-2016 - Where Dragons Dwell

Download Here!

On tonight's GVN Live, Emily rejoins us for a bit and gives us a new FGC Corner. Our main topics of discussion included how the Western RPG over took the JRPG and more No Man's Sky.

GVN Live - 11-28-2016 - Where Dragons Dwell


GVN GameJam - Double Dragon Neon w/ UberRich

Rich and Hubbs take a wild ride in Double Dragon Neon. Watch as we clear the whole game from start to finish. -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/thegvn


GVN GameJam - Arcade Madness w/ John and Todd

My brother John and friend, Todd come over for a night of crazy arcade action on GameJam. TMNT The Arcade Game, TMNT Turtles in Time, and X-men The Arcade Game. -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/thegvn


GVN Live 11-14-2016

GVN Live 11-14-2016

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On tonight's show, Hubbs returns to hosting duties as we do a live unboxing of the NES Classic and discuss the price gouging of the system, talk about monster based games, and touch on the topic of the holiday season.


Small blurb!

I've updated the Schedule for GameJam all the way to the last day show of the year before the Winter Break. I have one opening available for a guest now since the previous person I ask hasn't replied to confirm. So If you are interested, feel free to hit me up.


GVN Live 10-31-2017

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Mark takes over hosting duties tonight on GVN Live.  We take a moment to talk about what we have recently played then move on into a discussion about the Nintendo Switch and Bethesda's new review policy.

GVN Live - 10-31-2016 Halloween Edition


GVN Live! - 10-17-2016 - Emily has the talking stick!

GVN Live - 10-17-2016

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Emily takes over hosting duties this episode. We talk about how Marvel became a media juggernaut, also we talk about the benefits of video games in the workplace (i.e. surgeons). We also take a few minutes and answer our audience questions.


Defender of the Crown ECE arrived.

I am a big fan of classic Commodore Amiga computer gaming.  A lot of my favorite games are on the now defunct line of computers and that's a shame.  However, there has been a resurgence of classic titles being remastered or getting the reboot treatment, it shows that the computer brand has not been forgotten.  Cinemaware was one of the big companies for the Amiga releasing immortal titles like It Came From The Desert, Rocket Ranger, Wings and a few others.  One of their most engrossing games was the Defender of the Crown series. It was a kingdom simulator that had you picking a successor and attempting to unite the rinal kingdoms under one banner.  Sometimes you have togo war, sometimes it was done peacefully.  It was a very unique franchise.

Now a few decades later, the game has been re-released in a fancy big box by Cinemaware.  With it came a box full of goodies  A manual, couple of post cards, stickers, 3 game discs, and a post of the box art.  It also comes with a letter from Sven, the lead of the retro project.  The 3 game discs are multiple copies of the first game.  There's a Amiga CDTV release of the original game which is also backwards compatible on the Amiga CD32 console.  Another disc is for the Amiga CD32 itself but it' actually the sequel.  Why it wasn't properly labeled I have no idea.

The 3rd disc is the extended collectors edition with extra goodies. It comes with the soundtrack in mp3 format. There is a PC, Amiga CDTV and CD32 enchanced edition of the first game on the same disc with an improved soundtrack and new intro for the game.  There's even a C64 and Mac port of the game on the 3rd disc.  This is one packed disc. Now if there is one thing I could find fault with, its the poster.  Its a very low quality print of the box art blown up to double the size.  The colors and image quality are pretty poor.  But then again I wasn't planning on hanging it up anywhere.

All 3 discs are detected and play just fine on my CD32 which makes me very happy.  I will be replaying this classic in the future and hopefully share my experience on a future stream.


GVN Live 10-03-2016

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Keith is the host of this episode. We discuss the 20th anniversary of the US release of the Nintendo 64, the 30th Anniversary of Castlevania, twitchcon and the return of the FGC Corner.


GVN Live 9-19-2016 A Blizzard is Coming

GVN Live 9-19-2016

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Hubbs and Keith are joined by Bryan Dawson and Rico Marrari. We ask Rico about the challenges of running a game store, we get to meet and learn about the career of Bryan, and we talk about the history and impact that Blizzard has on the gaming world.


GVN Live 9-05-2016

GVN Live 9-05-2016

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On today's episode, Hubbs, Emily, Keith and Mark talk about a whole assortment of things.  We talk about remastered/remades games, a live review of No Man's Sky and our main topic of Big Games, Big Promises, Big disappointments.


New stream show to debut soon. GVN Game Jam.

GVN Game Jam where I live stream a game and I have a guest on the stream with me as we talk about the game, some strategies, history, and even other gaming related stuff.  My guests will either join me live via skype or be in person with me.  I haven't determined a set day of the week to do this.  I was originally thinking on the opposite mondays of GVN Live but some people might not be available for that.  I am thinking maybe thursday nights and replacing my Retro night with this.  I'll have more info and a possible list of guests and games on the next update.


GVN Live 8-22-2016

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Episode Seven of the GVN Live Podcast - Join Fight Club Hubbs, Jemmillion and Mark B Writing as we talk with Chris Bahn of PVP Live. We talk about the FGC and eSports. Chris is also talks his job at PVP and his gaming journalism background.

GVN Live 8-22-2016 Summer Jam Blues


Classic streaming returns.

Tomorrow at 9pm EST I will return to streaming classic games.  The vote was unanimous for me to play some classic platformers.  So now it's time for me to go through my extensive collection and find some to play.


GVN Live 8-08-2016

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Episode Six of the GVN Live Podcast - Join Fight Club Hubbs, The Gamer Keith and Mark B Writing as we talk about the 30th Anniversary of Metroid, discuss whether or not big games can intimidate people away from playing them, and run through our first Trivia Game Show.


GVN Live 7-25-2016

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Episode Five of the GVN Live Podcast - Join Fight Club Hubbs, The Gamer Keith, Jemmillion and Mark B Writing as we interview Long Island Joe, fresh off of his EVO performance for 2016. We also spend some time discussing the movers and shakers in the FGC and the 25th Anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog and the games announced during the livestream.


GVN Video Review: Atelier Sophie (PS4)

Here's the Atelier Sophie review that I did live back on Episode 6-27-2016 of GVN Live.


HuBBs' Quick Picks - Round 3

It's that time again. As my back log of games continues to grow, my time to play all of these starts to shrink.  So here are some quick snippets of games that I think you definitely need to check out.

Grand Kingdom 
Sony Playstation 4

Grand Kingdom is a very unique turn based strategy RPG.  You are cast as a mercenary for hire, accepting quests to defeat a variety of opponents from one of the four kingdom that you can contract with.  You can build your army with a variety of different units ranging from standard knights and mages to bombers and dragon riders.  Each soldier has unique properties and abilities that can make the combat very interesting.  My only two complaints so far involve leveling up the classes of your soldiers seems a bit complicated and I can't seem to understand some small aspects of the item management system.  The map system for each mission is set up in ways to force you to make smart decisions.  Do you risk taking on stronger enemies? Use an item to get past an obstacle? Willingly take damage from artillery canons to take the quicker route?  It's all about strategy.  I think this is good pick up for the traditional RPG fans out there.

Recomendation: Definitely for RPG fans. Might turn off casuals.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir
Sony Playstation 4

If you missed out on the Playstation 2 release of the original Odin Sphere, then this is a must have.  Developed by Vanillaware Games, makers of other challenging beautiful games like Muramasa and Dragon's Crown.  Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is an updated version of the PS2 classic with HD enhanced graphics and revised gameplay.  The artwork of this game is beautiful.  Everything from the big detailed enemies to how wonderfully animated they are just screams art to me.  The gameplay is fast and addicting for an action platformer. Odin Sphere's norse mythology based story is great as well with a well written story and tons of unique characters.  Seriously, pick this game up.

Recommendation: Definite pickup for everyone


GVN Live 7-11-2016

Download here!

Episode Four of the GVN Live Podcast - Join Fight Club Hubbs, The Gamer Keith, Jemmillion and Mark B Writing as we discuss Pokemon GO, the Fighting Game Community and host a debate on which is the better game: Final Fantasy VI or Final Fantasy VII.


GVN Live mp3's and the next episode.

For those that want to hear GVN Live on the go, soon we will have them uploaded in mp3 format for your listening pleasure.  We are looking to get them hosted or either itunes or soundcloud (the latter being more likely) and will be linking to the playlist directly from here.  So stay tuned on that front.

Now the next episode will be on July 11th and it's going to be one hell of a showdown.  MarkB. and myself are going to have this long awaited debate of the Final Fantasy's.  Final Fantasy 6 versus Final Fantasy 7.  Who will win the debate of which was the better game in the series.  Tune in.


GVN Live! 6-27-2016 Anniversaries Special

In this episode, Hubbs, Mark and Keith talk about Sonic's 25th birthday, the 20th anniversary of Nintendo 64, Final thoughts on E3, a live review of Atelier Sophie, Rant about Zelda Breath of the Wild, and Top 5 reasons why Bioshock isn't the perfect game.


GVN Live 6-27-2016

Download here!

Episode Three of the GVN Live Podcast - Join Fight Club Hubbs, The Gamer Keith and Mark B Writing as we discuss Sonic's 25th birthday, the 20th anniversary of Nintendo 64, final thoughts on E3, a live review of Atelier Sophie, a rant about Zelda Breath of the Wild, and five reasons why Bioshock isn't a perfect game.


Hubbs' Top 10 Nintendo 64 Games - Happy 20th Anniversary

The Nintendo 64 is a system that comes with tons of nostalgic value.  Alongside the Sony Playstation, it signified the era of 3D gaming as something to be taking seriously as new avenues of possibilities opened up.  of course, the N64 was also the first time they took a back seat to their competitors in the consoles war, losing to brief console making partner, Sony.

Nintendo took a lot of risks with the N64, sticking with game cartridges over CDs, introducing the analog stick, and an expansion pack for improved memory.  Some worked out like the analog stick, which introduced precise control in a 3D environment, and even the rumble pack for force feedback while gaming.  Of course some things didn't work out. Nintendo's refusal to change formats meant that game cartridges cost a lot and took even longer to make.  Also many 3rd party companies like SquareSoft, left Nintendo's side and made games exclusively for competitor, Sony.  In turn this hurt sales of the system and the number of games released for it.

However, the N64 still continued Nintendo's push of quality over quantity providing some of the most memorable games ever during the 32/64bit era of the mid to late 90's.  Here are my personal top 10 Nintendo 64 games.


GVN Live! E3 Edition 6-13-2016

For those that missed last night's live show, it's now available to watch on Youtube.  Hubbs, Dave and Joe of GameSack, Mark B. and Keith talk about E3.  We also catch up with Dave and Joe and see how things are going for GameSack.


GVN Live 6-13-2016

Download here!

Episode Two of the GVN Live Podcast - Join Fight Club Hubbs, The Gamer Keith and Mark B Writing as we discuss everything E3 and catch up with Dave and Joe from GameSack. GVN LiveVideo GamesGamingPodcast


Review: Shadow of the Beast - PS4

Shadow of the Beast
Playstation 4
Developer: Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Labs
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

I am a big fan of the classic Shadow of the Beast trilogy from eons ago on the forgotten Commodore Amiga computer.  These 3 games are to me the pinnacle of Amiga gaming.  Challenging game design, beautiful graphics and an amazing alien world.  The first was the one I played the most and probably the second hardest of the trilogy but that hasn't stopped people from beating it in 30 minutes.  However to this day the first game has been remembered as one of the hardest games of classic gaming lore.


Beat The Devs: Child of Eden

I had a great time going against one of the developers of Child of Eden on a live stream called Beat The Devs. It's a benefit charity raising event for the Sierra Club.  I had the pleasure of going against James Meikle and he narrowly beat me in a close game.  I also enjoyed listening to his stories of the time he worked at Q Entertainment and under the direction of Mizuguchi.


GameSack returns as guest on GVN Live!

Yes, you read that right.  Dave and Joe of GameSack is returning as guest on our live podcast show.  If you gt questions you want us to ask, tweet them towards @fightclubhubbs on twitter.  The next episode airs live on June 13th at 9pm est.


GVN Live 5-30-2016

GVN Live returns with specal guests Mark B. Emily, Keith and Erin. We talk through a number of topics like what we've been playing, what we are expecting from E3 and our issues with Capcom.

Also I take the time to interview Emily and Eric about their careers, how they got into gaming and more.

Check out Erin's Beat the Devs Benefit.



GVN Live 5-30-2016

Download here!

Episode One of the GVN Live Podcast - Join Fight Club Hubbs, The Gamer Keith, Mark B Writing and Jemmillion as we discuss a number of topics, like what we've been playing, what we are expecting from E3 and our issues with Capcom, as well as the "Beat the Dev" livestream with special guest Erin Robinson Swink.


GVN Live is tomorrow!

That's right the Live Podcast that GVN once hosted is now returning on Memorial Day, May 30th.  The live podcast will be streamed at out Twitch.Tv page and begin at 9pm EST.  There will be a colorful cast on hand along with a couple of guest interviews.  Our guest interviewees are Emily Ginnona of Big E Gaming and indie game developer and Twitch streamer, Erin Swink.

Be sure to tune in and maybe even join in the fun.


GVN Live returns!

My Live show, GVN Live, will be returning May 30th.  It's an interactive live show where people are encouraged to join in the discussion.  Save the date people and remember to keep on gaming.


New Year, new podcast! Episode 50 is here!

Ushering the new year with Hubbs, Mark and Keith.  We discuss our favorite games, games that disappointed us, the great moments as well as the low moments of the year. Oh and its our 50th episode. Whoop-dee-doo.