November Grand Master Monthly results

Full results are now listed. This tournament was off the hook and we can't wait (but we will til Jan) for the next monthly.

If you want to watch the entire stream click the link below.


SF4: 39 people

1: Dr.Chaos
2: Demon Hyo
3: Skye
4: Philly One
5: Pete68
5: Julian
7: fecal penace
7: NinjaCw
9: Kazi
9: Kattermari
9: Vince
9: Jutt
13: Sir Kanchi
13: Mike
13: The Strangla
13: MagnetoX
17: Ninja Zephyr
17: Rick
17: Phatal PHD
17: Pandaman 64
17: Hubbs
17: Spectrum
17: Ren
17: OmegaNitro
25: J.D.
25: Nas
25: Kalick
25: Cronux
25: Justin
25: Dave D.
25: John
25: Tyrant
33: Nick Nasty
33: Program
33: Reaper
33: Tone
49: GFX
49: Fran Hackett
49: Kirk

Tekken 6 results: 16 people

1. Chris
2. Pete68
3. NinjaCW
4. Julian
5. Nas
5. Bryheem
7. Kalick
7. Evil
9. Hubbs
9. Philly-One
9. Escaping Jail
9. Damian
13. Dr. Chaos
13. Brandon
13. Nick Nasty
13. Cobra

BlazBlue: 12 people

1. Lord Knight
2. Escaping Jail
3. Nas
4. Rouge Yoshi
5. NinjaCW
5. Tyrant
7. StickBug
7. Fecal Panace
9. Nick Nasty
9. Philly One
9 Hubbs
9. Cobra


Props are due.

You probably noticed a couple of changes around here, like them fancy new logos. They were done by fellow gamer enthusiast John Cosentino. CHeck out his blog when you get the chance.

John Cosentino Officla Site


GVN's Guide to Importing

     So you want to import videogames from other countries but don’t know how. But you have no idea how to get a hold of them. Well, my friend it’s much easier than you think. But there are some things to consider. Where are you going to buy them? How much can I get them for? Are there enough copies available? Can I get them cheaper somewhere else? And most importantly, how am I going to play it on my “region specific” system? Fear not, these are easy to answer. 

     But first, what game do you want? You have to be very specific when finding the game you want. Why? Well, when it comes to importing, some Japanese games have some really long names. For instance, I have a game called “Asuka Gaiden” for the Dreamcast, but it’s full name is “Fushigi no Dungeon Furai no Asuka Gaiden.” Crazy isn’t it? Finding the game you want can be difficult you do not know its full name. So do a little research before you go hunting at an online import specialty store. By the way, that is next thing on the agenda, which is where to get your games.