Diehard Gamefan Review: Vampire Crystals

Finally got another review up for Diehard Gamefan. This time for a little WiiWare arcade title called Vampire Crystals. Check it out.

"Vampire Crystals is a little gem that came out just before Christmas, at a time when many people were pouring their bank accounts into the annual Steam sale. This is a shame because Vampire Crystals is definitely a fun little romp for your Nintendo Wii. Vampire Crystals is a small WiiWare title from the minds at Shanblue Interactive that doesn’t hide its heavy influences from Smash TV. It’s a straight forward run and gun action arcade title that up to four people can play together and provide a good chunk of fun even with its flaws."

Review Diehard Gamefan: Vampire Crystals


Thursday Nite Flashback - Resident Evil part 2

Hubbs and Reggie continued their play through of Resident Evil. With plenty more Benny Hill music to go around.
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Thursday Night Flashback - Resident Evil part 1

The first TNF went great.  Hubbs and Reggie had a ball and then some playing the legendary Resident Evil 1.  We made fun of everything from dodging zombies to mocking character interactions.

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GVN's 2012 recap: Hubbs' Top 3

Hey there, Hubbs here to tell you about my top 3 gaming controveries of last year and my 3 biggest interests of 2013.  Enjoy.

Diehard Gamefan Review: Primordia (PC)

I wrote a brand new review over at diehard gamefan.  This time its a point and click adventure game by the name of Primordia.  Check it out.


"I am excited about the resurgence of the Point and Click adventure genre. The genre seemed to have died off at the end of the 1990′s and was apparently no longer relevant in PC gaming, but thanks to a strong catalog of games and several studious, both big company and independent, this has allowed the light to be shined upon them once again. Great games like the new Sam and Max, Machinarium and Back to the Future have reignited interested in the long dormant genre. Now, we have a new entry in Primordia, which is brought to us by the indie company Wormwood Studios."