GVN Live Episode 59 - THQ/8Chan and Microsoft wants to be the new Visa.

Tonight on GVN Live, Mark, Jan and Hubbs talk about where is Microsoft going with their new multi platform approach with Xbox Live.  Also, We try to figure out what the hell was going through the heads of the PR people at THQ Nordic.


GVN Mortal Kombat Adaptation Review

On today's GVN Adaptations Review, we tackle the popular Mortal Kombat movie by New Line Cinema.  Highly regarded as one of the best video game to film adaptations ever.  How well does this 25+ year old film hold up?


GVN Live - Episode 58 - 2/05/2019

On today's episode of GVN Live, we talk about the concept of the XBL service becoming available to all developers and the Epic Store discussion.