New stream.

To be honest I had it with Justin.tv. They keep playing around with the sites design and everytime they change the layout they try to make a friendly and easy to use broadcast option. Well to be honest its too simplistic and I would rather save the cpu usage and not use FMLE and have IE open just to chat with people.

So I made the switch to Ustream and to be honest its ten times better. I was having issues with my stream looking really choppy and for awhile I thought it was my laptop. Well its not. Turns out Justin.tv just has a crappy encoder. So from now on I will be streaming my casuals sessions and tournaments on Ustream.tv

Hit up my channel when you get the chance and subscribe. At the moment I am playing thru Dragon Age on the PC.



Grand Master Monthly June all done!!!

The June has come and gone and the July GMM has been posted. I realy encourage everybody to come to the July GMM because it will be a great warmup for Summer Jam 4.

Also on a side note I am working on lost gems ep2 revisited. So expect that within the next week or so.

June GMM results:

SSF4 Teams:

1: Josh Wong + Philly One
2: Skye + CrazyDutchMan
3: JD + Kazi
4: Damian + Kyle
5: Hubbs + NinjaCW
5: Fran + Dai
7: Kenny + Avery
7: Pucca + Kyle G.
9: Phatal + Neparsus
9: Bakuryu + Eronios

SSF4 Singles Regular:

1: josh wong
2: dr. chaos
3: skye
4: damian
5: ninjacw
5: comeback
7: kalick
7: philly one
9: kazi
9: hubbs
9: dai
9: josh Vazquez
13: JD
13: kenny (dmg)
13: Kenny (boog)
13: magneto_x
17: Mike
17: crazydutchman
17: jang
17: kyle g.
17: nefarsus
17: dave2J
17: JJJ
25: hansen
25: sporko
25: nick nasty
25: brad stewart
25: pat nagoo
25: pucca
33: klasfyed

SSF4 New Characters:

MvC2 Results:

1st: Bryheem "cash cow" Keyes - cable/sent/capcom, team duc
2nd: Magneto X - magneto teams
3rd: Damian - doom teams
4th Josh Wong (forfeit)

Soul Calibur 4:

1: MTFighter
2: Woahhzz
3: JJJ
4: ZeroEffect
5: FightClubHuBBs
5: Sporko
7: Malice
7: Rafiqy
9: 350z

I also wasnt to take this moment to highlight a member of the Philadelphia fighting game community. Philly One has been a strong supporter for the Street Fighter scene and he is now moving back to Korea. I want to thank you personally for all the fun matches we had and thanks for all your help with the tournaments Eric and I ran.