GVN Summer Jam! Aug22nd 2009

GVN and Summer Jam have merge into one kick ass event. Some games are out other are in. Blazblue and KOF12 will be added and there might be a small side MVC2 tournament. UFC has just been added to games lineup. Starting time TBA.

Door registration starts at 11am. All game starting times will be announced shortly.

Sheraton Hotel
4101A Island Avenue,
Philadelphia, PA‎ 19153
(215) 492-0400‎

*Located 2 miles from the Philadelphia International Airport.

Gaming Vision Network
Hubbs' email: hubbsdoctor@gmail.com

Games(Console): Subject to change
Soul Calibur 4(PS3)
Street Fighter 4(PS3)
DOA3.1 and 4(Xbox and Xbox 360)
VF5(Xbox 360)
SFHD - (?)
3S - (PS2)
BlazeBlue - (Xbox 360)
UFC 2k9 - Xbox 360

Registration - $15, $20 if your late to venue.
DOA 3.1 - $5
DOA 4 - $10
VF5 - $10
UFC - $10
SF4 - $10
SFHD - $10
3S - $10
BB - $10

Pot breakdown for every game will be 70% for 1st, 20% for 2nd and 10% for third.

Street Fighter 4 and UFC Undisputed will have $500(for each game) for first place.

-Bring your memory card/hardrive if you want to play an unlockable character.
-BYOC. bring your own controller or arcade stick (please mark it)
-Programmable/turbo button/macro controllers/sticks are not allowed.
-Matches are 2/3, 3/5 for semi finals, 4/7 for grand finals
-3/5 (2/3 rounds for all SF games rounds)
-Double Elimination

Game specific rules:

DOA 3 & 4
-Double Elimanation
-40 second time limit
-Random level select
-Dangerzones allowed
-Life is set to Normal

Virtua Fighter 5
-45 second time limit
-Custom Characters is not allowed.
-Random Stage select
-Character Customization are banned
-Dural is banned

Soul Calibur 4
-All infinite combos banned
-Default round time
-Custom & Special Characters are banned
-Random stage select

UFC Undisputed 2009
-Double elimination
-Default round time limit
-2/3 fights, 3/5 for winner and loser finals(semi's), 4/7 grand finals
-Random weight class shall be picked via draw of the hat.*
-If you wish to play as an unlockable character, you must bring your own harddrive or memory card.
-Character that two people want to play as is banned for that fight. It would be unfair to allow one person to have to play as that character. Unless certain conditions are agreed upon by both players.* i.e. player 2 decides to play as someone else and allow player 1 to play other character.

*This should be heavily debated. Unless we should stick to one or two weight classes for the entire tournament. So as of this moment everyone should learn at least 1 character from each weight class unless we can figure out the weight class issue thing. unless there's an exhibition mode that lets us play any character against anyone despite weight.


World Cyber Games Fighter Club Weekend

This was an even I went to last weekend in New York City. It was being held at the Samsung Experience and boy oh boy was its fun. Here's a video of the event.