GVN Radio ep 43

In episode 43 of GVN Radio, Hubbs, Andrew and Mark talk about the video demonstration of the Steam Controller, Mark also rants about the idea of an Alien sequel featuring Ellen Ripley's daughter, and Andrew starts a discussion of naming survival horror games that did some things right but dropped the ball in other areas.

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GVN Review: Time and Eternity

Potential spoilers, you have been warned.

Time and Eternitiy was something that was recommended to me, it is an untested series and may or may not have been worth the buy based simply on the information I had on the box. And while it isn't a perfect game there are a lot of small details that make it interesting enough to be worth picking up if you have the spare time and cash.


GVN Radio episode 42 is Live

Hubbs, Mark and Andrew talk about the Valve steam machine announcements and it's new controller.  We also take a look at the men now running some of Nintendo's and Mr. Miyamoto's famous franchises and talk about some of our favorite games with monsters in them.

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Diehard Gamefan Review: Montague's Mount (PC)

"I found out about Montague’s Mount through Steam’s Greenlight program and became incredibly interested in it. Montague’s Mount appeared to offer a very interesting setting, as well as some interesting puzzle solving and spooky survival horror looking elements. I wrote up a preview of Montague’s Mount not too long ago, though I failed to mention some of the game’s shortcomings and issues there because it was so close to the game’s release. I figured that most of those issues would have been ironed out by the game’s release, yet those issues and a few more were constant throughout the game."

Diehard Gamefan Review: Montague's Mount


GVN Quick Review: Ducktales Remastered (Multi)

Ducktales Remastered
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Wayforward Technologies
Genre: Adventure
Release: Aug 13th, 2013(PSN, Wii U, Steam) Sept 11th, 2013 (XBLA)

As a child growing up, Ducktales and the rest of the Disney Afternoon shows, were ingrained in my mind.  The cartoon was fun, adventurous and creative with memorable characters.  To this day, I look back at this show with fondness.  The original game was also stellar as well, doing a great job of adapting characters from the show and putting them into a well made platformer that required quite a bit of patience and memorization to beat.