GameJam - Golden Axe Warrior - Zelda Clone Month

On the last episode of Zelda Clone month, I play through the biggest Zelda clone being Sega's Golden Axe Warrior. The Master System's control pad is garbage and made for the session to be rather tedious throughout.


GameJam - Beyond Oasis/Legend of Oasis

I am joined by The Gamer Keith as we once again dual stream two games. Today Keith will be playing Beyond Oasis for the Genesis and I will tackle Legend of Oasis for the Saturn.


GVN Live 9-18-2017

Tonight's show, we experiment by having and interview and having a game session of Mariokart. Keith and myself interview Rich Witzer and he gives us the details about his organization and experience running game tournaments. Mark B and Nick join in on the Mariokart 8 fun later in the show and the competitive side comes out in all of us.


Apologies for no GVN Live Archive

There was an issue with the stream and for whatever reason, last week's GVN Live was split in two. I have downloaded and tried to combine both parts however Adobe Premiere crashed when doing so a few times. I am still trying to fix the matter and will upload it to Youtube as soon as I can. Sorry for the delay.


GameJam - Alundra - Zelda Clone Month

We continue our Zelda Clone theme with Alundra for the Playstation. An adventure game brought to the US by Working Designs.


GameJam - Zelda Clone Month - 3D Dot Game Heroes

I kick off Zelda Clone Month with 3D Dot Game Heroes, an adventure game from From Software which pays homage to the Zelda franchise. I played my way through the first two dungeons in the game.


GVN Live - Snes Classic and Megaman! 9-4-2017

Tonight on GVN Live, we talk about the mess that was the Snes Classic Mini pre-orders and we debut a new segment called "Who wore it best" where we talk about our favorite game in the core Megaman series.