GVN in Oct.

Well.... how's everything? Yeah its been a while. For starters here's what is going on. Red Dragon is working on some mini reviews for games he's been playing and I will be working on a new lost gems. Also, don't froget about the VGxpo, I will be there to run 3 ideogame tournaments with a grand prize of $350 each.

Don't forget to visit the VGxpo's official site for information on what else is going down.


Now as of this writing I am about to pop in Fallout 3. I am looking forward to playing this. It will give me a nice break from Megaman 9, Soul Calibur 4 and Warhammer Online.


The Annual Review

By Hesham "Red dragon" Bahhur

In the recent times, we have begin to see more released titles, new features to next generation consoles, and gamer created ideas that are either considered or used by current developers. In my busy schedule, I managed to gather enough spare time to take a close look at some new and old titles and review them.