GVN Live temp suspension.

I am suspending GVN Live for the time being in the interest of my health since I work in the food industry. I have been working a lot of hours and I have been extremely tired most days to where I can't stay awake past 9pm. I want to thank you for your patients and hope you are all safe and sound during these trying times.


GVN Live! Episode 79

On tonight's wild episode of GVN Live!, we take a moment to talk about energy drinks then transition to Geoff Keighley passing on E3 and the decline of said Expo.  We then get some insight about Project Melody from Jan then talk a little about the Xbox Series X specs and MS's strategies for the next gen console.


GVN Live - Episode 78

On episode 78 of GVN Live!, Hubbs, Mark and Jan discuss the latest streaming cloud service offered by Nvidia. After that we talk about the abuse of the Youtube Copyright Strike policy. Next is a discussion about Gamestop's Lan Center makeover and if it can work. Finally we end the show talking about preserving the history of Flash games.


The 2019 GVN Live! Awards

Episode 78 

GVN Live season 5 premiere kicking things off with the 2019 GVN Live! Awards.


Happy New Year!

Greetings and welcome to the Year 2020. Hope everyone had a safe and pleasant holiday season. So with great excitement I can announce that GVN Live season 5 debuts on January 21st at 9pm EST. We are kicking of the season once again with our annual GVN Live Awards Show. Hope to see you there.