Amiga CD32 Month issues.

So needless to say that my dedication to the Amiga CD32 has been a bust.  I was only able to get out 2 videos.  I will attempt to have a part 2 for the games released before the end of the month but it's been hard for me to find time to play any game for a long period of time and record that footage.  However I will find a way to continue coverage of this great system by posting some snippets here and there about select games that I've acquired so far.


April is Amiga CD32 Month!

Many of you are probably wondering what is the Amiga CD32 and what kind of games came out for it.  Well I will happily answer all those questions as I will take a retrospective look at the swan song of the infamous tech company Commodore.  Starting April 2nd, I will talk about the system itself and I will follow that up retrospects of the games that graced the system.