Dreamcast 10th Anniversary Lookback and Reflection.

All things aside from my slight mental state that ended the marathon 5 hours early, I want to take a look back at my memories of the Dreamcast and the joy and excitement it brought me in my early adulthood. I remember reading about the Dreamcast back in my early issues of Game Informer in 1998. Having never owned a Saturn and having every attachment for the Sega Genesis I never really took a moment to think about the Dreamcast with exception to thinking that those were some very beautiful graphics.


Dreamcast Charity has Ended!

No one really cared. No one took interest. All my hard work to promote this was for naught. I wanted to have a fun day of friends getting together and reliving some fun nostalgic moments but that never happened sav but 1 buddy of mine who could only stay for a couple of hours. As time past it became apparent that no one cared so I decided to just cut the stream and end the marathon as my growing depression was just killing the joy that the day was supposed to be filled with.

Watch live video from fightclubhubbs's channel on Justin.tv


Podcasts have returned!

In case you haven't noticed we have added two new podcasts on the sidebar of this site. Episode 6 was released 2 weeks ago the day before GVN Summer Jam and we just posted episode 7. Enjoy.