Game Rants: Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne

Potential spoilers, you have been warned.

The SMT series has always been an interesting series to play, however one game in particular from the series has stood out to me so far. That game is SMT: Nocturne, probably one of the most interesting games I've played so far. I always say that what makes or breaks anything is the little details and Nocturne has so many little things in it that grab the mind and let you play around. However, you have to be willing to give it this game the thought it demands or else you won't notice the huge amount of work that was put into it.


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Thursday Night Flashback premieres tonight.

Thursday Night Flashback is a rebranding of the retro replay and with that I am going to obviously be playing classic games. Tonight I am going to give the spotlight to a console that I feel had potential but was wasted by one stupid decision after another. I am talking about the 3DO. The games I am going to showoff tonight are PO'ed, AD&D Deathkeep, Captain Quazar and Dragon Lore. I ghope you all tune in tonight and check out tonight's live stream.


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