GVN Preview: Neverwinter (PC)

After finally getting my chance to jump into the beta of Neverwinter, I had spent a good chunk of time with Cryptic Studios' latest MMO.  The latest MMORPG to carry with it the history and linage of the D&D legacy incorporating the Forgotten Realms mythos and the popular location of two previous games, the capital city of Neverwinter.


Alien 3 - Thursday Night Flashback

So long story short I didn't beat the game but I had a lot of fun with Mark B. and Crystal from Diehard Gamefan.  Enjoy the recap.

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Thursday Night Flashback returns this week

Yes sir, this Thursday at 9pm EST I will resume the classic gaming stream with one of my favorite Gameboy games and what I consider a prelude to the survival horror genre, Alien 3.  I haven't played this game in 20 years and I've only beat it once as far as I can recall.  So this will most definitely be a fun TNF to watch.


GVN Radio Ep 37 is live.


In this episode of GVN Radio, Hubbs, Mark and Andrew are joined by Crystal and Sean from Diehard Gamefan. They discuss the new Riddick movie, the Michael Bay Ninja Turtles movie and jump into a discussion of the most overrated games of they have played.
Contains explicit language.

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GVN Review: Hyperdimension Neptunia: Victory

Potential Spoilers, you have been warned.

Ah, the Neptunia series. This is one of the games that I play solely for the dialogue. So many in-jokes, so little time. I picked up Neptunia mkII on a whim some time ago and had a great time with it. So far Victory has been more of the same.


Episode 36 of GVN Radio is live!

Warning, This episode contains excessive swearing.

Hubbs, Andrew, and Mark B. talk about the alarming Katie Couric video about gaming creating violence and then share some of their favorite underrated games that time forgot.

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GVN Quick Review: Bioshock Infinite (PC)

It is very difficult for me to sit here and write a review about a great game which has been out for over a month and come up with something that hasn't been already said.  So needless to say I am going to add to the praise that Bioshock Infinite has garnered since it's release.  From beginning to end, Bioshock Infinite is quite possibly one of the greatest highlights of gaming in the past 10 years.  Everything from the run and gun aesthetics, the story progression and the unique world ripe for exploration has exceeded all of my expectations.