GVN Live - 11-28-2016 - Where Dragons Dwell

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On tonight's GVN Live, Emily rejoins us for a bit and gives us a new FGC Corner. Our main topics of discussion included how the Western RPG over took the JRPG and more No Man's Sky.

GVN Live - 11-28-2016 - Where Dragons Dwell


GVN GameJam - Double Dragon Neon w/ UberRich

Rich and Hubbs take a wild ride in Double Dragon Neon. Watch as we clear the whole game from start to finish. -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/thegvn


GVN GameJam - Arcade Madness w/ John and Todd

My brother John and friend, Todd come over for a night of crazy arcade action on GameJam. TMNT The Arcade Game, TMNT Turtles in Time, and X-men The Arcade Game. -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/thegvn


GVN Live 11-14-2016

GVN Live 11-14-2016

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On tonight's show, Hubbs returns to hosting duties as we do a live unboxing of the NES Classic and discuss the price gouging of the system, talk about monster based games, and touch on the topic of the holiday season.


Small blurb!

I've updated the Schedule for GameJam all the way to the last day show of the year before the Winter Break. I have one opening available for a guest now since the previous person I ask hasn't replied to confirm. So If you are interested, feel free to hit me up.


GVN Live 10-31-2017

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Mark takes over hosting duties tonight on GVN Live.  We take a moment to talk about what we have recently played then move on into a discussion about the Nintendo Switch and Bethesda's new review policy.

GVN Live - 10-31-2016 Halloween Edition