Super Smash Bros. Melle added to the Winter Brawl.

Originally Super Smash Bros. Brawl was added but it was replaced with Melee when it got pushed back to March 9th. SO here are the rules, time slot and entry fee for SSBM.

Time: 3:00pm~
entry fee: $10
SSBM Ruleset:
-No wireless or 3rd party controllers
-4 stock
-2/3 sets
-3/5 finals
-8 minute time limit
-double elim
-Items off
-Ties broken by lives, then %
-First stage agreed upon or random
-DSR (Dave's stupid rule) - No stage may be used twice in a single set if the counter-picking player has already won on that stage.
-Wobbling banned
-constant excessive match stalling or running away to win a match is banned. First time is warning, second time is disqualification.
-The Ice Climber Freeze Glitch is banned
-Jigglypuff's rising pound stall is banned
-Peach's bomber stall beneath levels where she is unreachable is banned (example: FoD)
-Banned Stage List: DK Island: Kongo Jungle, Eagleland: Onett, Eagleland: Fourside, F-Zero, Grand Prix: Big Blue, Hyrule Temple, Infinite Glacier: Icicle Mountain, Lylat System: Venom, Mushroom Kingdom I, Yoshi's Island: Yoshi's Island, Past Stages: Yoshi's Island, Superflat World: Flat Zone, Termina: Great Bay