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I am awaiting a reply from Alex Verrey for a second interview. In the meantime I am going to pick apart this quote I read over at 1up.com You can read it and the article it is from here.

...Kaz Hirai explains. "But this thing has been in [Ken] Kutaragi's mind for the longest time. Do you remember the original PlayStation controller, the one without the analog sticks? We started there, and then we added the two sticks for the analog controller. Then we added the vibration feature and called it the DualShock controller, and then we came up with the DualShock 2, which had pressure-sensitive buttons."

Okay lets pick this apart about sony's controller that has supposed evolved over the years. The PSone's basic design was co-developed by Sony and Nintendo before Nintedo gave them the boot, hence the look of a slightly bigger SNES controller. Two, The addition of analog control was created by Nintendo, then Sony tried to one-up them by adding two in the center of the controller. Three, Nintendo unviel arumble pack add-on which came with StarFox 64, within a small time frame Sony implemented this rumble feature into their Dual shock controllers. Pressure sensitive buttons, thats all Sony.

Alright you get the picture. So don't come to the public and state that Ken had this idea of motion sensor stirring around in his head for years. The reason they adapted sensor controll is pretty clear. One, they are under attack of lawsuit for their implementation of the rumble feature and two, Nintendo unvieled it and they used it as an escape from possible losing millions of dollars in the lawsuit by dropping the rumble feature from the PS3 controller.

Well lets give Ken Kutaragi the benefit of doubt. So he did have the idea floating around in his head. Ken is a smart guy. Even if he wanted to implemenet sensor technology into the PS3 controller, he would have waited, watched and determined how well the Wii is doing with it. He would have studied it and if he determined that the Wii's technology was a success he would've introduced the controller at some point in the PS3's lifespan WITH rumble features included. However, because of the lawsuit of the rumble technology in the dual shock controller, Ken decided to drop that from the PS3 controller design. And with the extremely positive outlook of the Wii's controller he had to implement a feature that would attract the crowd to the PS3 and help it truely feel next gen.

However I am more than sure thats not how it played out over at Sony.


I'm Back: Hats and Hatracks

Hats And Hatracks
By Karl Castaneda

With everyone gearing up for the next generation of consoles, whether you're a Wii Man, a PS3 Millionaire, or 360 degrees of Xbox, we're all putting the last coat of varnish on our respective systems. I've been a GameCube man, myself, which probably doesn't come as much of a surprise, considering my library of work. There have been some fun times with the ol' black box (who needs purple?), some tiny, and some unforgettable.

What's the Difference?

I'll always remember when I bought my Cube. I had amassed a small fortune by house-sitting for a friend of my mother's for three weeks, and decided that (besides some new threads), I wanted to come back to video games. Choosing Nintendo's camp as my new home for the next several years, I went down to GameStop with $150. "A GameCube, please," I said to the clerk, full of joy and pride and nachos.
"Sure thing, man," he said, mirroring my pleased expression.

Then he swiped it on the register, and my world came crashing down. "Your total is $162.42."