GVN DOOM Adaptation Review

Holland and Hubbs breakdown the movie adaptation of Doom.  This is also Holland's first time viewing the film.  We share our uncensored thoughts on the 2005 film flop from Universal Studios.


GVN Live episode 44 update.

Next episode of GVN Live is June 4th at 9pm est. The main discussion will be about Gaming and Epilepsy. A secondary topic is in the works.


GVN Live - Ep 43 - 5-21-2018

Tonight on GVN Live: Episode 43, we talk about Steam's issue with adult themed games and talk about gaming censorship as well.  We also do a retrospective of the company Maxis, the makers of SimCity and The Sims, and see how they became a shell of their former selves. -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/thegvn


GVN Live - Episode 42 - Art or Offensive

Tonight on Episode 42 of GVN Live, we talk about some big new stories in the gaming Industry.  We observe the firestorm at Quantic Dreams and check out the we President of Nintendo.  Our main topic is about where do we draw the line in calling Videogames art and when is it too offensive.