Coming soon. The top 10 of 2010

January is almost over with and you know what that means. GVN's top 10 of 2010 will be released end of the week. Why do I wait so long to do a top 10 of the previous year? Well because I need the extra time to go over and make my final decisions. Sometimes There's a game that comes out and I will completely forget about it.


GVN Podcast Episode 13

In this episode, I have the honor of having Mark B. and DJ of Diehard Gamefan join me as my special guest hosts. We discuss CES, 2010 recap, the history of Diehard Gamefan and looking forward to 2011.

Listen to Episode 13.

And due to a scheduleing conflict, the podcast with SkiSonic was moved to January 2oth.