VGXPO tournament results

First off this was the most horrible experience I have ever been a part of. I was promised a lot of stuff from the VGXPO people to help run this whole thing smoothly and then I got left hanging when it came to game time. I had to push back the tournament because we didn't have a ps3 with SC4 stuff or a copy of the game for that matter. We had the vgxpo staff screwing everything up from the brackets to registration to changing my rules. Once we finally got a copy tyo play I was forced to do a 44 man single elim tourney with the final 4 going into double elim to get a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place rankings.

1st KDZ - Ast, cas

2nd Hacker Mike - hilde

3rd Escaping Jail - seig

4th Jaxel - talim

5th Bibulus - voldo
5th KPC - seif, amy
5th Zack Williams - talim
5th Fred Johnson - amy, yoshi
9th Lowsweep - mits
9th Chris Copeland - ??
9th Mattho - ??
9th FightClubHuBBs - liz
9th Ryan
9th Fareed
9th Randy
9th Krisitn
17th Charlie
17th Aaron
17th Craig
17th Hudson
17th Mike Person
17th Jordan Hunt
17th Justin Fields
17th Jasmine Ezel
17th Lincoln Walz
17th Twanye Claton
17th Stephen Plasco
17th Gary Varlian
17th Black Mamba
17th Justin Moore
17th Carlos
17th Stephen Deshazo
32nd James Hughes
32nd Brandon G.
32nd Don mitchell
32nd Nicholas Miller
32nd Sarah Deleon
32nd Jeffery Hu
32nd Dylan Alexander
32nd Scott Berkeley
32nd Freddie Martin
32nd Jake Veins
32nd Lawanda Johnson
32nd Kaylan Hughes

Tekken 5 DR - 18 people

1st KPC

2nd Lance

3rd Dan

4th Spade

5th Lanci
5th Gerard
7th Justin Moore
7th Jerod
9th Stephen Plasco
9th Dion
9th Melender
9th Lee beard
12th Rich Prictchard
12th Naseth Ked
12th Joshua
12th Lorey
12th Richard
12th Cameron


VGXPO is only 2 days away.

As being my first expo, I am really excited to be a part of. So on friday I will walking around the expo meeting people and trying to get the GVN name out there. On saturday I will running the GVN tournaments with Dead Or Alive 4, Tekken 4 DR, and Soul Calibur 4. There will also be tournaments for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Halo 3, And other games which will start on friday. On sunday I might walk around the expo some more and help my friends finish their tournaments. All the while I will be taking video and pictures. Hope to see you there.