GameJam - SpaceQuest 2 VGA Fan Remake

I do a complete play through of the fan vga remake of Space Quest 2.  I really enjoyed my time playing the game and was surprised with how well it was made and how respectful it was to the original.


GVN Live - BOOBS! 8-21-2017

Get you mind out of the gutter. Tonight's topic is not about the wonder beautiful piece of the human anatomy.  We are in fact talking about the idiots of the gaming world.  We talk about a few select individuals from certain games and then ask the question why do we love them/hate and more.


GameJam - Willy Beamish Part 3

This is the part of the Willy Beamish play through and thank god for that.  I am on vacation so I lifted my two hour time limit to beat the game.  It took me two hours to get to a point where I found out I couldn't proceed.  After nearly 20 minutes of frustration, I switched to the superior PC version and it took me an hour to beat the game.


GVN Quick Pick Round 5

Here we go. Another round of Quick Pick games where I recommended two new games you need to check out.  Today I have an HD re-release of an independent Dreamcast game from Hucast and the latest entry in the Fire Pro Wrestling franchise.


GameJam - Willy Beamish Part 2

Continuing my lack luster adventures of Willy Beamish for the Sega CD. I continue to play this version because I hate myself. I cover Day 2 and 3 of the game here.  All kinds of crazy stuff happens and the loading tests my patients.


GVN Live - Why bother Atari? 8-7-2017

On tonight's episode of GVN Live, we talk all about Atari.  We discuss at lengths on whether Atari's return with the Ataribox is a smart move or doomed to failure.


GVN GameJam - Willy Beamish part 1

I started playing a game I literally haven't played in 20 years and I have decided to try and upon playing I forgot how weird this game was.  I also decided towards that GameJam for August that I will attempt to beat it.  Wish me luck.