Lost Gems 6: Boomer's Adventure in Asmik World

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Chances are you’ve never heard of this game before. However chances are you will recognize the main character who is the Mascot for the company Asmik. Now if you never heard of the company Asmik but you have played their games. Does Wurm, Conquest of the Crystal Palace, Megalit and D-force ring a bell? Some of the games that Asmik made were also published by other companies and brought stateside. Like WCW/NOW world Tour, its sequel WCW/NWO Revenge and finally Wrestlemania 2000.

However let’s move on to today’s gem. Boomer’s Adventure in Asmik World probably has the longest name for a Gameboy game. It’s also a true lost gem and it makes me all giddy to finally spread the word on this game. Boomer’s Adventure is a puzzle adventure game in the same style of Adventure’s Of Lolo, Solomon’s Key and Kickle Cubicle. Boomer’s Adventure combines elements of treasure digging and action game play to make a very intense and tough to beat puzzle game.


GVN Podcast Episode 2 is live!

In the latest episode, Karl takes over as host and discusses the Leipzeg Games Convention, Penny Arcade the game, And interviews co-host Robert Hubbs.

You can download it here. Remember to right click and choose "save as."


Things to come...

Its been a bit quiet for the month of August but thats gonna change soon. COming up from me is the next Lost Gems segment andour second interview with Alex Verrey, who is attending the Leipzeg Games Convention. Afterwards, work will begin on the second GVN podcast. Thank you for your patience.


Jack, Jack, Jack....When will you just stop?

Here is footage of Jack Thompson making his appearance on Attack Of The Show. As you will see, fellow correspondant Adam Sessler is losing his temper, while a rep from Game Daily was holding his own.


GVN episode 1 is live!

Right click and download it here. Its a 51MB file so it will take a while to download.

In this episode we talk about the PSP alledged shipments, E3 downsizing, Zelda OoT point counter point discussion and interview our co-host Karl.


Coming Soon... Gaming Vision Podcast!

Thats right. Me and Karl just recorded our first podcast. It is currently being mixed and it will be posted online once we find someone to host it. The face of GVN is slowly changing for the best. So stay tuned. Huzzah!