About Anthony

-Tell us briefly about yourself.
My name is Anthony Ortiz and I am a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where I majored in Web Design/Interactive Media. I am the father of 3 beautiful girls.  I have a step-daughter and 2 daughters.  I am outnumbered in my home and that is why I play video games, to relieve some stress.  I am a happily married man to my beautiful wife Melissa, who I love with all my heart and soul.  I've always wanted to get into the video game industry and I love to talk about video games with everyone I meet.
-What do you hope to accomplish with GVN?
With GVN I hope to get my foot in the door and gain some experience in the media industry and be able to communicate with other gamers across the internet about video games and bring my passion with it.
-What is one of your fondest gaming memories?
My fondest gaming memory is sitting in my living room with my brother playing the multiplayer of Goldeneye for hours on end.  We would play every night for at least 4 hours a night.  It was so much fun and I miss those days.
-Name a game that you were hyped for, but it ended up horribly disappointing you.
Brink is the first game to come to mind for this question because the ads and trailers made the game look amazing and when I bought it at a midnight release and got home to play it.  The following day I traded it in because it was so disappointing.
-What are your top 5 favorite games (in no particular order)?
1. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
2. Donkey Kong Country
3. Batman: Arkham Asylum
4. Intelligent Qube
5. Super Mario RPG

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