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Episode 45 - 03/19/2014 - Robert, Anthony, and Andrew chat about what' they've been playing and have a huge discussion about what they feel makes a good/great game.  Also the usually classic gaming chit chat. *WARNING* Audio Distortion issues. Download Episode 45

Episode 44 - 01/11/2014 - Happy New Year. Hubbs, Andrew and newcomer Anthony bring in 2014 by discussing what hit and miss about good ole 2013.  We also manage to discuss Anthony and Hubbs interest in retro game collecting.  Download Episode 44

Episode 43 - 10/27/2013 - In episode 43 of GVN Radio, Hubbs, Andrew and Mark talk about the video demonstration of the Steam Controller, Mark also rants about the idea of an Alien sequel featuring Ellen Ripley's daughter, and Andrew starts a discussion of naming survival horror games that did some things right but dropped the ball in other areas. WARNING - This episode contains lots of explicit language. Download Episode 43

Episode 42 - 10/19/2013 - Hubbs, Mark and Andrew talk about the Valve steam machine announcements and it's new controller.  We also take a look at the men now running some of Nintendo's and Mr. Miyamoto's famous franchises and talk about some of our favorite games with monsters in them. Download Episode 42

Episode 41 - 10/08/2013 - Hubbs, Mark and Andrew are joined by new comer Jason as GVN Radio make its return after a month long hiatus. We talk about the PS Vita TV, Hubbs rants about Inafune's Might No. 09 and everyone tests their skills by making good games sound bad. WARNING - This episode contains lots of explicit language. Download Episode 41 

Episode 40 - 06/30/2013 - In the latest episode of GVN Radio, Hubbs, Mark and Andrew talk about the change of DRM policies from Microsoft, Andrew brings up a topic regarding augmented reality, and we talk about underrated or unknown FPS games that helped grow the genre. Download Episode 40

Episode 39 - 06/15/2013 - It's all about E3. Hubbs and Andrew of GVN are joined by Diehard Gamefan Elite Mark B. And Sean Madson, and newcomer Chris Bahn of putthatback.com. We discuss The big 3 conferences, the games that stood out and what disappointed us. Warning - Contains explicit language. Download Episode 39 

Episode 38 - 6/31/2013 - Hubbs is joined by super personality, Shidosha the Fly Guy, as they catch up about what Shidosha has been up to since his last appearance on the show and a rant about the Xbox One. Hubbs and Shidosha also discuss a topic about sports games. Do we need more companies again to promote growth of the sports genre or do we need less companies to not flood the market? Download Episode 38

Episode 37 - 5/16/2013 - In this episode of GVN Radio, Hubbs, Mark and Andrew are joined by Crystal and Sean from Diehard Gamefan. They discuss the new Riddick movie, the Michael Bay Ninja Turtles movie and jump into a discussion of the most overrated games of they have played.  Contains explicit language.  Download Episode 37

Episode 36 - 5/02/2013   Hubbs, Andrew, and Mark B. talk about the alarming Katie Couric video about gaming creating violence and then share some of their favorite underrated games that time forgot. *Warning - contains explicit language* Download Episode 36

Episode 35 - 4/11/2013 Hubbs, Mark B, and Andrew interview Team Ninja’s Tom Lee for insight on how the company continues to press forward and overcome hurdles since surviving the 90′s. We also meet Andrew who is the newest member of GVN and briefly discuss the closing of LucasArts. Download Episode 35

Episode 34 - 03/29/2013 Hubbs returns to his hosting duties and is joined by Mark B and Aaron Sirois of Diehard Gamefan and Jason Axelrod of 8wayrun. In this podcast we talk about what we've been playing lately, the PAX harassment issue, and if JRPG's can survive in this day and age. *Warning - contains explicit language* Download Episode 34

Episode 33 - 10/11/2012 Hubbs and JT are joined by former GVN editor, Karl. Karl, JT and Hubbs talks about the rise of the indie gaming scene, the fall of game sales and Karl's new job. Download Episode 33

Episode 32 - 9/20/2012 In episode 32 Hubbs and JT talk about the Tokyo Game Show and discuss everything we can about the Nintendo Wii U. From the games, to the 2 sku's and hardware limitations. Download Episode 32

Episode 31 - 9/06/2012 Hubbs and JT talk about the Final Fantasy anniversary package and the franchise in general. We also talk about the greenlit Wonder Woman show "Amazon," and Valve looking for someone to work on an unknown project. Download Episode 31

Episode 30 - 8/23/2012 Hubbs and JT discuss the abundance of games celebrating their longevity and some franchises that aren't. We also discuss Steam's new service, Playstation home and more Steam. Download Episode 30

Episode 29 - 8/09/2012 JT and Hubbs interview Dave and Joe of Gamesack but due to audio issues can only be watched. Watch all 3 parts on youtube. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Episode 28 - 7/26/2012 JT and Hubbs talk about the recent news in gaming and then wing it for the rest of the show. For news we talk about Gabe Newell speaking out against Windows 8, Another gaming related death and our infinite love for Mega Man. Download Episode 28

Episode 27 - 7/12/2012
Hubbs and JT taslk about the Ouya among other gaming news and a heavy discussion about Western vs Japanese RPG's.Download Episode 27

Episode 26 - 6/21/2012
Hubbs and JT discuss about their trip to the Too Many Games convention and we discuss everything Sonic the hedgehog as our centerpiece discussion. Download Episode 26

Episode 25 - 6/07/2012
Hubbs and JT celebrate the shows 25th episode by talking about everything E3. What they thought of the big 3's conferences, the games, the future. Download Episode 25

Episode 24 - 5/31/2012
Today Reggie is our Host and says farewell(for now). We also discuss the Recent lawsuit from Motorola against Microsft, the closing of 38 Studios, Hubbs rant agianst Always online gaming, and more classic gaming goodness. Download Episode 24

Epsiode 23 - 5/17/2012
Tonight's epsidoe, we welcome our special guest, Richard, FilthieRich" Bantegui. We talk to him about his intro into gaming, being a part of the fgc and his employment with Namco Bandai and working with MLG. Download Episode 23

Episode 22 - 5/03/2012
Hubbs, JT and Rolento are joined by Mark B.(second appearance) of Diehard Gamefan. For news we talk about the first Kickstarter scam, Edler Scrolls MMO, and more. Our main conversation is about Nostalgia appeal vs great gameplay. And our classic gaming segment is about the evolution of Survival Horror. Download Episode 22

Episode 21 - 4/19/2012
JT takes over hosting duties as we welcome special guest, Shisonic. We talk about Cain's Arcade, The european mass murderer, The Ron Paul videogame and more exciting news. We also interview Skisonic about his humble beginnings in the fighting game community Download Episode 21

Episode 20 - 4/05/2012
Hubbs and Rolento are joine by special guests SweetJohnnyCage and Long Island Joe. We talk about East Coast Throwdown 4, classic fighters and the Brazzer sponsorship connection with Joe. Download Episode 20

Episode 19 - 3/22/2012
Hubbs, JT, and Rolento chat it up with special guest Shidosha. We talk about Bioware and Mass Effect 3 ending, Michael Bay TMNT movie, Tim Schafer, Classic gaming and interviewing The Shirt about Beyond Gaming. Parental Advisory is advised. Explicit content. Download Episode 19

Episode 18 - 3/08/2012
Hubbs, JT and Rolento tackle the Cross Assault blowup, DOA5, the rumored Steam box console, our love for the Angry Videogame Nerd, and more classic gaming. Download Episode 18

Episode 17 - 2/17/2012
Today Hubbs, JT, and Rolento discuss Kotick, Tim Schafer, CLassic gaming, Top picks of 2011 and Winter Brawl. Download Episode 17

Episode 16 - 2/05/2012
Rolento and Hubbs are here to entertain you with nonsense. Today we talk about Soul Calibur 5, Winter Brawl, Kingdoms of Amalur and classic gaming. Download Episode 16

Episode 15 – 1/19/2012
GVN Radio returns. Hubbs, JT and Rolento talk about SOPA/PIPA, Incomplete games and their dlc, and George Lucas. Join in on the fun. Download Episode 15

Episode 14 - 1/06/2012
Hubbs welcomes in the new year with his new co-hosts Joe and Reggie. Music intro and outro arranged by Reginald Seay Jr. Download Episode 14

Episode 13 - 1/06/2011
Hubbs interviews 2 members of the resurrected Diehard Gamefan website, recap of 2010 and looking forward to 2011. Download Episode 13

Episode 12 - 12/09/2010
In today's episode Hubbs interviews 5 members of Dominion Method Gaming. Download Episode 12

Episode 11 - 11/26/2010
This episode, speacial guest host is Sebastian "chosen1" Burton. We talk about professional gaming, WCG Ultimate Gamer 2, and much more. Download Episode 11

Episode 10 - 11/12/2010
Shidosha is this episodes' guest host. We talk abou the nes celebrating its 25th anniversary, What we are currently playing, the leading ladies for the next batman flick and interview the Shirt himself, Shidosha. Download Episode 10

Episode 9 - 10/29/2010
Today's episode of GVN Podcast, Hubbs and Karl discuss what they've been up to since they've split, Talk about a bizarre game related murder, and debate over how shovelware might benefit the game industry. Download Episode 9

Episode 8 - 2/24/2010
Today's episode NinjaCW and myself discuss what we are playing in the new year, Sonic 4 speculation, and GVN Winter Brawl hype! Download Episode 8

Episode 7 - 9/05/2009
Post hype discussion about GVN Summer Jam 3,
more infomation about the upcoming Dreamcast Charity marathon, GameX and NEC X discussions. Download Episode 7

Episode 6 - 8/27/2009
Hubbs returns with with a new podcast and a new partner. Everyone meet Chaosbreaker. Download Episode 6

Episode 5 - 3/03/2007
Today's episode we talk about the 2nd GVN torunament. We discuss The euro PS3 BC issue and more on episodee 5 of GVN. Download Episode 5

Episode 4 - 1/03/2007
Karl and Rob discuss what they feel are going to be the top 7 games of 2007. Download Episode 4

Episode 3 - 9/19/2006
This episode its all about the Wii! Download Episode 3

Episode 2 - 8/30/2006
Todays episode includes discussion of the Leipzeg Games Convention and an interview with co-host Robert Hubbs. Download Episode 2

Episode 1 - 8/06/2006
Episode 1 We discuss the PSP shipments, E3 downsizing, Zelda OoT, and an interview with co-host Karl Download Episode 1

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