The XBOX 360 launch

As of midnight Microsoft quitely released their super console, the XBOX 360, to the masses. But this launch doesn't was not as spectacular as Microsoft has herald it to be. Oh sure, the Xbox 360 has the most solid launch lineup of which is back by Rare, Activision and EA, but the event wasn't the grand party it was meant to be. There was no pre launch party unless you were in New York City or Seattle, but since when did a console ever deserved to be celebrated like it was birth of Christ?

I arrived at my local EB games at 11:30pm only to find that I was the first person to be there. No line has formed nor was there any kind of activity happening. Just some executives from EBgames headquaters and Philadelphia Eagles player Matt Ware( who also autographed your copy of Madden 2006 for the 360) were there to grab their 360's before a crowd of 9 people were allowed to come in and get theirs. By the way I do apologize for no footage or interviews since I wasn't allowed by order of the EB games DM.


Lack luster launch experience aside, its whats in the box that counted actually. Running home I immediately dove right in and plug my $400 system pachage into my dad's 42inch plasma and set up my account. The user interface is so dynamic and refreshing. I couldn't help but continue to explore it. I downloaded several demo games from the Xbox Live! Arcade and some trailers including a perticularly hilarious exclusive Red vs Blue episode.

After toying around with that I decided it was time I recovered my Xbox Live account. Now the process was extremely simplistic even a caveman could do it( okay so I've seen those commercials way too much). Managing your account is much easier than it was on the original black box and several new features just add icing on the cake. My favorite freature is when the Xbox LIve alerts you that someone on your buddy list has just longed on. Of course this can be kind of irrating when you are watching a movie and suddenly several alerts pop up that several of your buddies are logged on.

Now the games. I bought myself Call Of Duty 2 and Madden 2006. Both of which are solid games. COD2 is probably the most action packed game I have ever played and probably the BEST World War 2 game I have ever played. The missions are tough even on normal difficulty and the multiplayer mayhem is extremely fun. Madden 2006 is the first Madden football game I have owned since Madden 96 on the Sega Genesis. Since then I have had the first two NFL Quaterback Club games (yes the first two games of the dead series were quite good) on the N64 and the reowned 2K Games NFL 2k series. I have of course played madden several times since '96 but I haven't owned it. Madden 2006 is fun, fast paced, challenging and difficult to master. The fact that I can't use Challenges like in the NFL 2k series is a big oversite though.

Anyway its late I've played quite of bit of my 360 today and I am still bitter that Dead or ALive 4 was pushed back to December 1st, but my two games will hold me over till then. Now it's late my throat is soar again and I need sleep. Good Night and enjoy Karl's recent post and the guest post from Zach Miller.

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Emma Harper said...

Nice post i know i am pretty late to post but a lot has change in past 10 years with gaming...