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Many moons ago the company known as Acclaim filed for bankruptcy and was no more. Acclaim was infamous for games like Turok, Dave Mirra BMX, and a house old of really crappy games. Well it appears I am very late with breaking this news since gamespot announced their resurrection. But I actually discovered Acclaim "coming soon" website back in April of this year and I emailed them back in November to get the scope. Their response to my question reads as follows.

"Actually, we are new company that acquired the Acclaim trademarks and logo. We are planning to relaunch the brand shortly. We will provide you with a press release once we are ready. Thanks for contacting us. Best."

There you have it. After the gamespot article it would appear that they aren't going to become the same acclaim of old. the "new" Acclaim will be focusing on bringing over MMO's from the far east. For a moment I was hoping that when they said that they have Acclaim's trademarks that in turn would also mean their properties and games of the games minus the Turok license. I guess I was wrong.

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