What About Hubbs.

Well I think I need to let you people know straight up that I am kind of tanking. My engines aren't running properly and I can't get them started. Fear not though as apparently this is kind of a seasonal thing I believe. About this time last year I was haivng difficulty finding the urge to write and this went on for about 2 to 3 months. I was still able to write but not as often as I usually do.

I was going to do a new Lost Gems on the Sega CD game Vay, but then I thought it would be neat if I could try and get a small interview with Victor Ireland of former Working Designs fame. I wanted to do something unique like how the project went with the game and such. However Victor is rather elusive at the moment so that project is on hold. SO instead I am going to work on the Star Tropics series as my next Lost Gems.

Cross your fingers and hope I don't competely burn out on you folks. I have a quota to meet and I am pretty sure Karl is tired of providing a vast majority of the material for this site.


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