Ok lets be realistic here. Lately it seems that I have been dissing Sony and kissing Nintendo's ass. Praising Nintendo for everything they have been doing the past couple of years. Well why not? To me they are finally doing onto something that is not only getting people excited but getting the sales figures to back them up that they are doing the right thing. The DS at one point I thought was extremely risky, now I can't put the bloody thing down. Right now I am hooked on the "NEW" Super Mario Brothers game.

But you see, to some people that means I am a Nintendo fanboy. However this is not the case. Let me tell you something, I used to be a SEGA fanboy for the longest time. I have the master system, Genesis with Sega CD, Saturn, a Dreamcast, and last year I bought Sega CDX. However I realized that being a fanboy wasn't really rewarding besides the games you play. And it is also pretty childish. If you start out as a fanboy as young as I did, you can get pretty extreme dissing and insulting other systems and never even trying one. However, I luckily never became one of those "extreme" fanboys and eventually I grew out of it after the fall of the Dreamcast. And to this day I am not a fanboy to any one company or console.

Of course, I have a right of preference. I seem to enjoy my Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS quite a bit. I once in a while buy a PS2 game and play them on my girlfriend's PS2. But if there is one thing I shall never be its a fanboy. I equally look at all system's and handhelds and decide which I like better. Right now I am loving the DS, the Xbox 360, the concept of the Wii, and few PC games. I've got a lot on my plate right now.

But still, some people seem to think that my negativity towards Sony is still fanboy-ish behavior. Well, actually its not. I am a very harsh person and very critical. However I don't think Sony is all bad. I mean I enjoyed the PSone and the PS2, even though I don't either. I can't deny the fact either. Over 100 million consoles for both systems sold worldwide. However, as time goes on Company exec tend to get cocky and start to belittle the competition.

Oh sure belittling someone is just part of the game. But when you bash someone for releasing two sku's and then announced that you will be doing the same thing almost 9 months later then thats just being a jerk. I don't have a problem with Sony taking their motion sensors idea from Nintendo because everyone has been taking cues from the Big N. The digital pad, analog control, rumble features, etc. So of course I am not suprised to see Sony trying to capitalize on the idea of motion sensor technology.

Anyway as I have demostrated I definitely don't have the mind frame of a fanboy. Seriously you can hold an intelligent conversation with me without me de-evolving myself to a petty name calling little snot chanting, "j00r such a n00b! joo sys3m teh sux0rz! However if that is what you want you can definitely find that kind of attitude over at Gamefaqs' messageboards. There are some people over there that that bad but their numbers are small. Well thats enough rambling from me. You will hear from me again really soon when I post Lost Gems 5: Star Wars Dark Forces.

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