Quick Rant. Gamers and Money.

Upon reading this article I knew I had to speak out. I find this insulting on so many levels. Major Leage Gaming is has managed to signed 5 gamers, 4 members of Team "Final Boss" and Tsquared to a six digit deal for playing exculisvely in their League. For those of you that do not know, the MLG is a professional league dedicated to competitive video gaming.

Let me say this. You guys are sellouts, tools, posers, morons. Gamers should not be paid to play. You must play to be paid. Win a tournament and earn that money, do beta testing for a company or be sponsored like Fatal1ty for using someones keyboard and mouse equipment. Those are the only ways I feel money should should end up in a gamers pocket. You guys are not professional atheletes who are paid to perform for their fans. You don't have fans. Hell you don't have dignity now either.

Don't get me wrong however I am impressed by their skill. They are ten times better than I will ever be in Halo. Yet by selling your soul to a multiyear contract just to play games is absurd. And I guarentee that you will slowly start to lose your competitive edge as the years go on. You will be sitting there losing a match to the heavy unfavored underdogs but it doesn't matter to you since you are still getting a paycheck in the mail.

Just like in all paid competitive sports except gaming isn't a sport. Its recreation that you can compete in.

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