Jack, Jack, Jack....When will you just stop?

Here is footage of Jack Thompson making his appearance on Attack Of The Show. As you will see, fellow correspondant Adam Sessler is losing his temper, while a rep from Game Daily was holding his own.

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Last summer, Florida lawyer Jack Thompson received fevered news coverage when he condemned the actions of controversial game publisher Take Two for including sexually explicit material in their 2004 hit, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Thompson cited a secret level (one that could only be accessed with the aid of an alteration or unlocking of secured source code) where the main character, CJ, received sexual favors in graphic detail. Saying that the stage was locked away and not meant to be played, Take Two issued a recall, and San Andreas was later re-packaged, sex-free.

The damage was done, though, and Thompson used this publicity to try and get other supposedly immoral titles off of store shelves, and “out of children’s hands.” After a slew of attacks on games like Killer 7 and The Sims 2, he’s got his sights on a new whipping boy: Take Two’s Bully.

Appearing most recently on G4’s Attack of the Show,