GVN's 2nd Greater Philly DOA4 Challenge!!!

This will be GVN's 2nd sponsored tournament and will hopefully have a better outcome. I will finalize all this info with VR really soon. The date however has been reserved with them.

The DOA4 tournament will be held Saturday February 10th, 2007 at the Virtual Rush Cyber Cafe in Media, PA. In the Granite Run Mall Parking Lot.

There will be a Regular and Tag Team(singles) Tournament. If participation turns out much better than expected, then team tag will be considered.

Registration will be at 4pm. The show will begin at 6pm with the Single Tournament Show up at least an hour early for registration.

Venue Information:

Virtual Rush
1145 W. Baltimore Pike
Media, PA 19063

*Note* Virtual Rush is behind the AMC theatre in the granite Run Mall Parking. Not in the Mall itself.

Sponsor information:

There are 4 xbox 360's and 4 plasma high def tvs. Feel free to bring your copy of DOA4 just in case they don't have enough copies. I will be bringing mine just in case. You may also bring you HD if you wish to use an unlocked character.

Entry Fee: $30 ($10 for virtualrush hosting, $20 for prize money, $10 for each tournament)


-Best of 5 rounds (may change depending on attendence)
-Best of 3 matches (may change depending on attendence)
-Finals will be Best of 5 rounds/matches
-Double Elimanation
-DOA 4.1
-You are allowed to bring your own controller (please mark it)
-Programmable/macro controllers are not allowed.
-40 second time limit
-Random level select
-2 character limit. Winner of match must use same character, loser may change character before next match.
-Any character can be used
-Dangerzones allowed
-Normal life setting

Prize money will be divided:

1st place - 70%
2nd place - 20%
3rd place -10%

There will be other additional prizes that I will try and provide with myself. I'll look into the possibility of getting trophies for the top 3 finishers for both tournaments. Shop around for prices and such in my area.

Contact info: HuBBsDoctor@gmail.com

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