GVN 2 Philly Challenge was a smash!

The torunament has come and gone and I am happy to report that 24 people have attended this tournament. the results of the tournament are below.

DOA 4.1 Singles

1st Rikuto
2nd OoP Rabies
3rd Ninja CW
4th Lowsweep

5th Hatrify
5th Fumetsu
7th Evil
7th Highguy
9th OoP Escaping Jail
9th Vanessa PMS
9th P1553D
9th Muggs
12th MasterGamer
12th Chosen1
12th Fred
12th Divine Plague
16th Neurotic Sword
16th Viper
16th Rolento
16th Kasumi Chan PMS
20th Phoenix
20th HuBBsDoctor
20th Hakke Fuuin (aka Chris)
20th Dee (that silly Tekken guy)

DOA 4.1 tag

1st Rikuto
2nd OoP Escaping Jail / OoP Rabies
3rd Lowsweep
4th Highguy

5th Evil
5th Hatrify
7th Ninja CW
7th Kasumi Chan PMS/ Vanessa PMS
9th MasterGamer
9th P1553D
9th Fred
12th Ainsley
12th HuBBsDoctor
12th Viper

While I didn't place well, I had fun hosting and look forward to runing more tournaments. Congrats to Rikuto for placing first in both.

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