GVN's East Coast Winter Brawl Feb 23rd, 2008

GVN returns to bring you the East Coast Winter Brawl. It will be held Saturday, February 23rd, 2008 at SOR Gaming in Wilming, DE.

There will be a Regular and Tag Team(singles) Tournament for DOA4. There will be a singles tournament for Virtua Fighter 5 , Tekken 5 DRStreet Fighter 3, and Guilty Gear XX AC.

[b]If you wish to add a game to the tournament and can prove that there will be number to support it then contact either myself or SOR gaming.[/b]

contact info - hubbsdoctor@gmail.com
SOR Gaming - 302-447-1360

Registration will be at 12pm. The show will begin at 3pm. Show up at least an hour early for registration.

Alternative Transporation!

Train From Philly: Either goto 30th st, Market East or Suburban Station and take the R7 regional Rail to Wilmington Delaware. Afterwards please either contact me or somehow you know that will be tehre and we will happily pick you up. Or you can take the bus and we can pick you up from the closest stop to the venue. Check the links below for more info on transportation.


Venue Information:

SoR Gaming Technologies Inc.
3100 Naamans Rd Unit #11
Wilmington, DE 19810

Sponsor information:

Feel free to bring your copy of DOA4 and VF5 just in case they don't have enough copies. I will be bringing my DOA4, VF5 and HD just in case. You may also bring you HD if you wish to use an unlocked character(doa4). You may also bring your PS2's for

Entry fee - $10 ($7SOR, $3GVN)

DOA4.1 Tag $10
DOA4.1 Singles $25
VF5 $10
T5DR $10
Street Fighter 3: 3S - $10
GG XX AC - $10

Each game will roughly start at the Following times.

DOA4 tag - 3:00pm~
DOA4 Singles - half an hour after tag ends
Tekken 5 DR - 4:00~
Virtua Fighter 5 - 4:00
SF3 & GGXX - 5:00


-Best of 5 rounds/matches(doa, tekken, vf5)
-Best of 3 rounds/matches(SF3, GGXX)
-Finals will be Best of 5 rounds/matches
-Double Elimanation
-Game Type - DOA 4.1, Tekken 5 DR, VF5 ver c Xbox
-You are allowed to bring your own controller or arcade stick (please mark it)
-Programmable/macro controllers/sticks are not allowed.
-60 second time limit(DOA), Time is 60 seconds(Tekken and VF)
-Random level select
-Dangerzones allowed (DOA)
-Life is set to Largest(DOA)
-Character customization is not allowed.(Tekken 5 DR)
-Life setting is 100% (Tekken)
-Guard damage is off(Tekken)
-Jinpachi is banned (Tekken)

Prize money will be divided:
1st place - 70%
2nd place - 20%
3rd place -10%

Hope many people return and have a great time.


Anonymous said...

I called those numbers for a good time. Wow, a good time was had by all. Dangly parts.

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