Official GVN Winter Brawl Info

GVN is proud to hold the 2009 Winter Bash at the Sheraton Hotel in Southern Philadelphia. This time, GVN is teaming up with Big E(NEC) to make this the best and smoothiest GVN yet. And for the first time ever, you can register online in advance for the tournament.

Eric and I will be splitting duties. He will ru the 2D duties and I will run the 3D game duties.


Saturday Feb 28th, 2009

Door registration starts at 12pm. All game starting times will be announced shortly.

Sheraton Hotel
4101A Island Avenue, 
Philadelphia, PA‎ 19153 
(215) 492-0400‎

*Located 2 miles from the Philadelphia International Airport.

Gaming Vision Network
Hubbs' email: hubbsdoctor@gmail.com

Soul Calibur 4(PS3)
Street Fighter 4(PS3)
Street Fighter HD
Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike
DOA3.1 and 4(Xbox and Xbox 360)
VF5(Xbox 360)
Tekken 5DR
Guilty Gear XX AC

Online Registration - $10(ends Feb 21st) or At the door - $15
DOA 3.1 - $5
DOA 4 - $10
SC4 - $10
T5DR - $10
VF5 -$10
GGXXAC - $10
TvS - $10
SF4 - $10
SFHD - $10
3S - $10

Don't forget to Register Online

(Rules for TvS, SF4, SFHD, GGXAC, 3S TBA)
-You are allowed to bring your own controller or arcade stick (please mark it) 
-Programmable/macro controllers/sticks are not allowed. 
- Matches are 2/3, 3/5 for semi finals, 4/7 for grand finals
-3/5 rounds
-Double Elimination

-Double Elimanation
-40 second time limit
-Random level select 
-Dangerzones allowed 
-Life is set to Normal

Tekken 5 DR
-Random level select 
-Character customization is not allowed.
-Life setting is 100% 
-Guard damage is off 
-Jinpachi is banned
-No button mapping

Virtua Fighter 5
-45 second time limit
-Custom Characters is not allowed.
-Random Stage select
-Character Customization are banned

Soul Calibur 4
-Special Characters are banned
-All infinite combos
-Default round time
-Custom & Special Characters are banned
-Random stage select


Julie said...

Your Welcome Honey!

R. Lance said...

I made a small plug for this tournament. I also intend on joining. :D

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