NEC XI is done!

What an excellent weekend. I had fun running tekken 6, Soul Calibur 1&2 and Virtua Fighter 5. We started off really well in Tekken 6 then about 2 or 3pm we lost power in half the room. So for a while I was scrambling to get my stations back up. I got 3 stations up and had to move 2 to another area or the room with power. After 40 minutes I was back up to full speed.

I personally had fun playing Soul Calibur 1 and Garou. Even when I lost I had tons of fun. Esdpecially in Garou since not a whole of people play the game in my area. I was suprised to see I tied for 5th place losing only to Justin Wong and Steve H.

BTW be sure to check out the Offical SRK results thread. Results are still pouring in.

Official NEC XI SRK Thread

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