Gaming Vision is reborn!

Yes after nearly 3 years. I have decided to resurrect GamingVision. Only this time around its a two man army and we mostly write whatever we feel like at the moment. What we write are mostly editorials on the game industry. We will write a review or preview here and there to give you our thoughts on whats enjoyable.

Onto introductions.

I am Robert Hubbs, a small time amatuer gaming journalist and joining the site soon will be my partner in crime, Karl Castaneda. He is a journalist from Planet Gamecube. He and I have worked together before at Nintendo-Insanity before he left for the gig over at PCG. I also left NI but mostly because I lost the interest and love of writing.

But now as you can see I have decided to start writing again. You will seen be reading my reviews, editorials, maybe a preview here and there, and some rants on things that I enjoy a lot. Like Guild Wars for instance.

Anyway, thats all you need to know about for the time being. Enjoy the resurrected, revised and retooled GamingVision.

-Robert Hubbs
aka HuBBsDoctor

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