The Nintendo Revolution controller. A Revolution or a Diaster waiting to happen?

Nintendo has finally Unvieled their controller for the Nintendo Revolution. Check out the article here at IGN.com.

And let me tell you I was caught off guard on this big suprise by Nintendo. I was expectiing some kind of configurable layout controller that will allow you to play all the old classic games from the NES, SNES, N64 and Gamecube. But I was so dead wrong. After reading the article at IGN this could be a revolution in gameplay. But at the same time you can also be scaring people away with a freaking remote control.

The positives I see from this. One, this definitly will create new and unique types of gameplay. I can see how fun it might be to swing the controller around like a sword with its built in motion sensors. I also like the laser pointing feature that could maybe be used fo a future Duckhunt? Second, I like how the controller/Remote control Hybrid looks. Its sleak and stylish and some unique button positioning. It looks kinda comfortable and in an odd twist reminds me of an NES controller. Third, I won't have to buy a seperate remote for DVD playback. Take that Sony and Microsoft.

Now here are the negatives I see. One, the Controller is a freaking remote. The last system that had a remote as a controller bombed like hell. I'm looking at you Philips CDI. Second, There are only a couple of face buttons on the front of the controller/remote. How are we going to play Snes, N64 and Gamecube games is beyond me. Third, Why is the analog seperate from the rest of the controller? The cord connecting the analog stick and the remote is pretty short too to boot. what if something gets caught and they sperate or get damaged?

I am also very worried that the American public may not fall in love or even accept the Revolution right away now that the controller has unvieled. American gamers are a bit trickier these days to coarse into buying something as daring as the Revolution. Were as Japanese gamers are always into the new flashy and hip style of gaming.

But only time will tell of course. I have to see the games. I must see the games that will help the Revolution become a "Revolution." I am highly interested in what the final prototype of the controller/remote will look like. Maybe it will have more face buttons for the N64 and SNES games. Who knows but until then I will continue to be stuck between in the realm of WTF! and amazement.


Ruvym said...

I don't know what to think. I still have faith in Nintendo, but it's become about mass appeal, not fringe appeal. Sure Apple succeeds through appealing to a smaller segment of the population, but at the same time, they have the mass appeal of the iPod which drives them.

Anonymous said...

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