Holiday Break is over. Hello 2006!

I'm back and ready to kick some booty. I am working on getting a new interview for the site. Karl is hard at work trying to get ahold of Bethesda Softworks for an interview and I am looking to get one some other places.

I would also like to talk about some games that I got for chrismas break. First would be Need For Speed Most Wanted. This game is simply amazing. NFSMW has some insanely stunning graphics and the gameplay is killer. I rejoiced at the reinsertion of the cop chasing action and the customizing your car is always fun.

Next is Worms 4. The worms franchise has been around a long time and Worms 4 is the pinnacle of the franchise if you ask me. The graphics, collision detection, and fun have been improved from Worms 3D. New to the game is the addition of editing the appearance of each worm by selecting from a variety of hats, facial hair, glasses and gloves. And the game has quite a bit of unlockable content as well.

The final game I wish to talk about is DOA4. Finally Team Ninja released this game and I... I... can't get enough of it. I simply love it. I loved DOA3 and DOAU but this game is by far the best of the series. Team Ninja upped the difficulty of the single player game, added lobbies for people to gather and chat, tons of unlockable content and hours upon hours of pure hardcore kick-that-guy's-a$$ gaming.

Oh! I completely forgot I bought Mario and Luigi partners in time for the DS. I haven't gotten to far into the game but its quite amusing. I enjoyed the first Mario and Luigi game on the GBA. Of course this game is going to be a blast.

Anyway, thats all I have for now so peace out and enjoy the new year!

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