The prelog of gvn, in the eyes of Red dragon

By Hesham “Red dragon” Bahhur

When I got first word of GVN, it was in a thread on the Dead or Alive Central forums in the tournament announcement thread. I read the specs of it and I saw that it was going to happen in Media, PA. and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try and meet some new people and hopefully have a good time. As soon as I set my mind into going, the first couple of things I did was start training more often as well as begin the talks with my parents about going.

Now I hate it when people keep telling me, “dude your 19, you can do whatever you want, your parents shouldn’t have a say in it.” Well here is the thing, my parents, unlike other parents, were born and raised in the Middle East. They are going to be stricter than the average parents because they were taught that family is the center of everything. They were taught how to raise kids to be disciplined and respectful. Then I get the “you should move out and get your own place” excuse. I got my own reasons for not moving out, but I won’t share them here.

Moving on, I jumped on the ball and got things going starting with my #1 important issues, getting there and having a place to say. Courtesy of Hubbsdoctor and some words put in from Rikuto, I got housing for myself and my friend supasnupakoopa. Supasnupakoopa also offered me transportation to the house of hubbs as long as I paid my end of gas. This is the #1 thing that is stopping some people from going to most offline competitions. People I know online have some really good skill and potential, but they cannot demonstrate it in the offline scene because of transportation, housing issues, lack of fund, etc. but you guys get the point.

The newest thing that has been offered to this tournament is the live webcast of the entire event. That’s right, using my laptop with the built in webcam and microphone as well as my Xbox live vision cam; I will be live streaming the entire event. Me and hubbs are expecting a big online audience for this. I’ve been testing this out and now I got the specs of it down and we are ready to go.

The days are winding down and the day of the event is now around the corner. I am getting the final preparations of the trip together and people are getting their stuff packed, plane tickets bought, and getting over to the venue. I hope to meet new people, learn new things about doa4 and hopefully not get my ass kicked in the first round. I say good luck to those who will make it, it will be a pleasure meeting you, and bring it on.

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