The aftermath of GVN, in the eyes of Red dragon

By Hesham “Red dragon” Bahhur

GVN is probably the best event I’ve been to in a long time. The only event I can say that is close in terms of excitement as this would be my cousins bachelor party in the streets of iseral at 2 in the morning where we were shooting 45’s in the air. That’s another story though for another time.

The first day we left my house and made it to the house of hubbs around 6 to 6:30 pm eastern time zone. We parked in the parking lot across the street and I called hubbs and told him, “Can you step out to your front door.” All the houses on that block looked the same and the parking spots for them were behind the houses but I didn’t pay much attention at the time being.

After we were greeted by hubbs (who looks like my twin), we proceeded to his living room where me and him were showing off pictures on each of our computers. We started to do casuals at his house for a bit and we proceeded to do offline training for tomorrow’s event. We played into the early morning and then we got some sleep.

The day of the event was filled with hype, casuals, random moments, the meeting of new people, bragging, and showing of DOA 3.1 (courtesy of sorwah). If there is anything I learned from GVN, it is that people can tell the difference between which tv’s cause lag. The thing is though, I couldn’t tell the difference between the LCD’s (which were used for doa), and the tube tv’s (which were used for virtual fighter, tekken, and brawl). The hype of the event was there as soon as the people started showing up. I got to meet a lot of cool people including:

Fightclubhubbs and wife of hubbs
Dante dmc
Nikki (sweetkisses)

The first game to start off was DOA 3.1, the japenese version of DOA 3. The entry fee for this was a dollar. Since it was a cheap entry fee, I decided to jump into it and see how I would do. The tournament matches were pretty close and at the end I came in 7th place. I’m thinking top 8 isn’t too bad considering I never really played DOA 3 and I was trying to copy stuff from DOA ULTIMATE and DOA 4.

The next game that started was the Dead Or Alive 4 tag team tournament. I entered with my student, supasupakoopa. He has been training with me and H20 Tildaleaf as well as doing some self training in sparring. Either way, we kinda knew each other’s moves and we used that to dominate a good chunk of the brackets. We ended up placing in the top 5 for this one.

I didn’t really pay much attention to what games kicked off after doa4 tag, but I think the virtual fighter, tekken, brawl, and soul caliber tournament kicked off after these ones did. I watched a couple of matches and I live streamed a bit of it but it ended pretty well.

The last one to get off the ground was DOA 4 singles. I don’t understand why this one in particular took a while to get started. After it started, I got paired right off the bat against hatifry and I sent him to losers. I think he was kinda pissed off at that. After he got sent to losers and I moved onto the second round brackets, I got paired off against nikki, (sweetkisses), my friends student. I would say out of the entire tournament, the 2 closest matches were me and nikki and my student, supasupakoopa, against phoenix. Talk about epic when a match is decided by one hit. It was like watching an epic movie scene. I couldn’t describe it very well but it was close, intense, and nuts.

About 8 hours later the top 3 of each tournament were decided and most of us decided to go to a place called tom jones. It’s a diner with some good food. Im glad it wasn’t expensive because gas burned my wallet the next day. 50 dollars to fill supa’s gas tank and it was my turn to pay up for gas. Just like the first day when I left for gvn, my parents were calling my phone up and down but it wasn’t as bad. I have come to realize why that is. The reason is because that my parents were enjoying a LCD tv that they have just bought. 6 hours later and we arrived back in ohio and at my place. The only thing I was asked by my parents when they opened the door for me was “how was your trip?” Im trying to take a shot at going to Seasons beatings III, NEC9, and GVN east coast winter brawl. Looks like I’m back to where I started, but I had fun with this event and met a lot of cool people.

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